Do you want to take input from users about your products and services? Do you need to increase customer interaction on your website?

If you are running your blog with WordPress, then a WordPress Review Plugin can help you maximize customer interaction on your website. In today’s digital world, users seek online reviews to know about the quality of a product or service. The online reviews help in building customer confidence. So, reviews help you spread a ‘Word of Mouth’ through digital marketing platforms such as social media.

WordPress has made it easy for websites to take reviews from users by using simple plugins. The website owners do not need to integrate or install separate paid tools and software for taking user reviews.

Why You Need A WordPress Review Plugin?

The user interaction on WordPress websites is one of the most amazing features that can help businesses in devising their marketing and sales strategy. Interestingly, every business needs customer reviews. However, they cannot do it by physically going to each customer.

So, here the review plugins help you. You can choose from a long list of review plugins for what best suits your needs. Unfortunately, it is not so easy for a business to find out the best plugins for their website.

Therefore, we have picked best WordPress Review Plugins for you and we will be discussing their features in this article.

The Best Free Review Plugins for WordPress

1. Site Reviews

Site Reviews wordpress plugin

Do you want to embed ratings on your website for taking user reviews? Or you need a WordPress Plugin with ratings in stars from 1 to 5?

Site Reviews allows you to integrate ratings with your website. You can take user ratings with a star ranking system. The star ranking is one of the best ranking systems to take user input about products and services.

So, Site Reviews has made it simple and easy for you. Site Reviews is compatible with all WordPress websites.


What else do you need to know about this multi-functional plugin?

It helps you to arrange the best reviews in the top to bottom order. You can never miss the best reviews. Users can also check individual ratings. Users can log in with their credentials to give ratings. This feature adds an extra layer of security for ratings and reviews by the users.

2. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review is another WordPress review Plugin. It helps you to interact with users through comments. It also facilitates the concerns of users which is helpful for your business or website. In this way, you can always hear from your users and customers who are eager to interact with you.

So, how does it work?

It takes user input in comments. You can check for user reviews and reply to them with added Snippets for more functions such as a Buy Now Button.


3. WP Customer Reviews

WP Customer Reviews plugin

Do you need a WordPress Plugin that adds customer reviews to your blogs? Or do you want to market your products and services along with your blogs?

WP Customer Review helps you to add a separate page for customer reviews on your blogs. It works with WordPress websites. WP Customer Review helps rank your websites, products and services in Google Search.

Therefore, you can get better ranking on Google Search based on user reviews!


  • Users can choose from which reviews should be displayed
  • Offers user-friendly interface for visitors
  • Anti-Spamming for restricting automated programs
  • Easily customizable with an added option to include more functionality
  • Custom themes
  • Customizable external style sheet
  • Allow users to add custom fields
  • Offers shortcodes for reviews on individual pages on your blogs

4. WP Google Review Slider

WP Google Review Slider plugin

Do you need an embedded Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin? Or you want to increase customer interaction?

WP Google Slider allows you to display your Google Reviews of your business on your website. It is indeed an effective approach to market your business and allows the users to get in touch with your website. It offers plugin services with several reviews platforms such as Yelp, Trip Advisor and Thumbtack.


  • You can add a slider with WP Google Slider for displaying it on your website
  • There are other options such as grids and lists to show your Google Reviews on your website
  • You can choose from reviews you want to display
  • Widget options are also available for same functionalities
  • Sorting options for reviews
  • Hide option for Google reviews without texts
  • Choose single and multiple rows to display the reviews
  • Customer support from the developer
  • Emails for low ratings and reviews
  • You can also add reviews manually

5. WP Review

WP Review plugin

Taking user reviews on WordPress websites has never been easy!

But, you can install WP Review plugin to take input and ratings from users about your products and services. It is easy to use and highly interactive plugin. So, whether you are a blogger or you run your business website, you can always take benefit from this small yet effective plugin.

WP Review takes user reviews and ratings in Stars, Points and Percentage.


  • Offers three different kinds of rating systems including stars, points and percentage
  • It is compatibile with Google Snippets
  • Offers multiple options for colours and position
  • Allow users to choose two different designs
  • Offers widget support to review the latest ratings
  • It is compatibile with multiple WordPress website platforms and technologies
  • Offers support for custom fields
  • Allow user support from developers

6. Google Reviews Widget

Google Reviews Widget plugin

If you want to display Google Business Reviews on your WordPress website or you want to save Google Business Reviews in your WordPress database, then Google Reviews Widget can provide you multiple options to save reviews in WordPress database. You can also display these reviews on your website.


  • Offers free of cost installation
  • Users can refresh the reviews
  • Users can save reviews in WordPress database
  • Offers option to search the reviews
  • Enable users to add pagination and sidebar support

7. Facebook Reviews

Facebook Reviews wordpress plugin

Facebook reviews add a sidebar widget to your WordPress website. You can avail the opportunity of getting more users and feedback with Facebook Reviews. Now, you do not need to think about how to use your Facebook reviews on your website and how to embed your Facebook reviews with your website.

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8. Rating-Widget: Star Review System

Rating Widget Star Review System

Do you need ratings for comments, posts and pages on your website?

Rating-Widget: Star Review System is a General Data Protection Regulation compliant WordPress plugin. It helps you to get reviews on your website. It offers different review types that are essential for accurate review reporting and ratings. You can customize posts with the help of this plugin to take specific reviews for the customers.


  • Offers ratings on posts, pages and comments
  • Offer product ratings
  • Offer activity ratings
  • Offer ratings for custom posts
  • Offer review ratings

Wrapping Up

WordPress review plugins are simple to use and effective tiny tools to enhance the functionality of your website. You can always install these tools to get user feedback and reviews related to your products and services. WordPress plugins have gained importance due to increasing digital marketing trends and business spaces. The online business community needs to hear the voice of their customers. Therefore, these plugins can provide help and support for better user interaction on websites.

So, which plugins suits your website? Let us know in the comments section.

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