WPvivid Backup Pro Changelog

How to Update WPvivid Backup Pro?

  1. On your WordPress backend >> left admin menu >> WPvivid Backup Pro >> On the submenu, click License >> Click on Check Update button.
  2. Click on Update Pro & Install All Addons with One Click button.

1.9.24 – Nov 28, 2020

  • Removed the notice of launch of WPvivid 2.0.0 Beta.
  • Improved descriptions of some labels under the Custom Backup option.
  • Optimized the plugin code.

2.0.0 Beta – Nov 26, 2020

  • A new, centralized and simpler plugin UI.
  • Separated backup and migration pages.
  • A simpler workflow for incremental backups.
  • A simpler and more understandable filter option for backup list.
  • A redesigned Logs page with a filter option added.
  • Numerous minor improvements based on user feedback over the past year.

WPvivid Backup Pro 2.0.0 Beta is a parallel version of v1.9.24. You can choose to update to either of them as needed.

1.9.23 – Nov 26, 2020

  • Fixed: WPvivid Pro login status did not remain in some cases.
  • Fixed: A folder was automatically excluded from backups when the folder name matches regex: ^uploads.*$.
  • Optimized the workflow of restoring incremental backups.
  • Optimized the Uploads option and refined the description.
  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.22 – Oct 20, 2020

  • Remote storage credentials stored in database are encrypted now.

  • Deleting a website from My Account now also deletes WPvivid Pro account from the website.

  • DeleteObject checking is now optional when adding S3 remote storage.

  • Added support for Amazon S3 Africa region.

  • ‘Auto backup before update’ now also includes database.

  • Added the ability to comment the auto backup before updating a single plugin.

  • Added an option to uncheck all plugins and themes in the restore interface.

  • Added an option to exclude a theme/plugin subdirectory from a backup/migration.

  • Fixed: Schedule status showed as ‘Disabled’ even the existence of an incremental backup schedule.

  • Removed the option ‘Reset WordPress before restore’ when restoring incremental backups.

  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.21 – Aug 25, 2020

  • New feature Added: Find and clean unused images in your WP media library.

  • Added an option to set the default backup location in Settings.

  • Included white label settings when exporting plugin settings.

  • Added a cancel button to ‘uploading backups’ process.

  • Fixed the ‘Get pCloud token failed’ error when adding pCloud account located on EU servers.

  • Fixed: Excluding the /uploads folder from a scheduled backup did not take effect.

  • Fixed: Auto backups before update failed in some cases.

  • Fixed: The option ‘auto backup before update’ still appeared when it’s disabled.

  • Fixed: Some special characters in a database could not be restored properly.

  • Fixed: Only 1000 backups stored on Amazon S3 could be displayed.

  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.20 – Jul 27, 2020

  • Added database backups encryption.

  • Added support for migrating a MU child site to a single WP install.

  • Added a token system for authenticating pro license with a token.

  • Fixed: Backups information did not display when switching from Incremental folder to Common.

  • Fixed: After editing remote storage information, changes did not display.

  • Fixed: Exported WPVivid Backup Pro settings file was not white labeled.

  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.19 – Jun 22, 2020

  • Added an option to reset WordPress before a restore process.

  • Fixed: Could not edit chunk size when editing pCloud remote storage.

  • Fixed: Retention did not work on Wasabi remote storage.

  • Fixed: Locking a backup didn’t work on remote storage.

  • Fixed: The error message ‘The free version is required’ did not display properly on WordPress Multisite in some cases.

  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.18 – Jun 2, 2020

  • Fixed: ‘Backup Content’ was missing in backup report emails.

  • Changed: The white label settings is no longer in the left admin menu. Now you can access it by adding a slug (variable) at the end of the url of your WPvivid plugin page.

  • Fixed: WPvivid was not white labeled in the plugins list.

  • Fixed: When two remote storage of the same type were configured, backups were only sent to one remote storage.

  • Fixed: Backup display issue in the backup list when using Microsoft OneDrive.

  • Fixed: ‘A root path is required’ error that would occur when you edit remote storage.

  • Fixed: ‘Auto backup before update’ did not work on MU.

  • Added an option in the plugin settings to delete the WPvivid directory when deleting the plugin.

  • Added an option in the plugin settings to auto delete old backup files when the current backup retention is lower than the previous one.

  • Optimized the plugin UI.

  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.17 – May 6, 2020

  • Fixed: Backup schedules failed in some cases.

  • Added support for MainWP Client Reports.

  • Optimized incremental backup schedules.

  • Added an option to delete logs.

  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.16 – Apr 28, 2020

  • Fixed: Could not activate WPvivid Backup Pro.

1.9.15 – Apr 27, 2020

  • Changed: As requested by many users, we have split the staging feature from WPvivid Backup Pro. It now works as an independent plugin. In this way, users can decide to install or uninstall it conveniently according to their needs.

  • Excluded fastcgi session files when creating a backup.

  • Excluded the /wphb-cache directory when creating a backup.

  • Added an option to set the block size of uploads for Amazon S3 storage.

  • Fixed: Error logs were missing in some server environments.

  • Fixed: Email report undelivered because a numeric 1 was added to the email address.

  • Fixed: Root directory is forbidden to set to ‘/’ when connecting to a FTP server.

  • Merged the plugin’s Logs tab with the Debug tab.

1.9.14 – Apr 13, 2020

  • Added white label feature.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.4.
  • Finished the beta of incremental backups.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.13 – Mar 24, 2020

  • Updated the API for WPvivid Backup for MainWP extension.
  • Optimized the plugin UI.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.12 – Mar 19, 2020

  • Fixed: Some features did not work properly after last update.
  • Fixed: WPvivid Backup Pro would not work properly when the free version was not updated.
  • Fixed: Could not retrieve posts list on a multilingual site in an export.
  • Changed: Auto backup before update now excludes WPvivid Backup free.

1.9.11 – Mar 16, 2020

  • Added a domain/url replacing tool.
  • Added an option to overwrite existing pages in an import.
  • Fixed: Permalinks went back to default after copying staging to live.
  • Fixed: The staging site url and admin url were not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: Additional database tables were not displayed when copying staging to live.
  • Fixed: Could not retrieve posts list on a multilingual site in an export.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code and optimized the plugin code.

1.9.10 – Mar 6, 2020

  • Fixed: Replacing URLs of the content created by Elementor failed in the process of pushing a staging site to a live site.
  • Fixed: Pagination did not work in the remote storage list.

1.9.9 – Mar 2, 2020

  • Added an option to create staging sites under /wp-content directory.
  • Added a log out option on the pro account page.
  • Added an option to set PHP Memory Limit for Restoration in the plugin settings.
  • Added a two-day schedule cycle.
  • Fixed a problem that occurred when selecting Monthly as the incremental backup cycle.
  • Fixed: The plugin failed to identify the time for an incremental backup in some cases.
  • Fixed: Cronjob events kept being added in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug occurred when replacing domain names in the restoration process in some cases.
  • Changed the timestamp to WP local time in the exported json settings file.
  • Optimized the plugin UI.

1.9.8 – Feb 17, 2020

  • Added support for Wasabi and pCloud storage.
  • Added an option to run a full backup immediately after the new incremental backup schedule is created.
  • Updated the API for WPvivid Backup for MainWP extension.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.7 – Feb 1, 2020

  • Added incremental backup.
  • Added a column to backup list to display backup content type.
  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.6 – Jan 19, 2020

  • Fixed: Failed to update the last backup information.
  • Fixed: Uploading backups to Dropbox failed in some cases.
  • Fixed: Restoring backups failed on Nginx servers because of the user.ini file issue.
  • Added an option to choose whether to login to access frontend of the staging site.
  • Optimized the plugin code.

1.9.5 – Jan 13, 2020

  • Added support for WPvivid Backup Extension for MainWP.
  • Added an option to automatically update the plugin in the Pro tab.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.4 – Dec 25, 2019

  • Optimize the algorithm for staging site.
  • Optimize the codes of uploading to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Add locks for backups stored in remote storage to avoid being deleted automatically.
  • Optimize the compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fixed: Unable to access the next page of the backup list of remote storage.
  • Fixed some small bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.3 – Dec 16, 2019

  • Added a settings tab for Staging feature.
  • The plugin now shows local time for backups.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.

1.9.2 Beta – Dec 3, 2019

  • New feature: Create staging sites and copy a staging site to a live site.
  • New feature: Edit user access to WPvivid Backup Pro features.
  • Successfully tested with WordPress 5.3.
  • Fixed some bugs in the plugin code.
  • Optimized the plugin UI.

1.9.1 Beta – Oct 29, 2019

  • Added additional database backup feature.
  • Fixed the invalid WPvivid free version download link in the warning message that appears when you install WPvivid Pro without the free version.
  • Refined and simplified the plugin menu in WordPress admin menu and top toolbar.
  • Fixed some other small bugs.

1.9.0 Beta – Sep 23, 2019

  • The initial release of WPvivid Backup Pro Beta.

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