Terms Of Service

Here are our terms and conditions for the use of WPvivid Backup plugin.

Personal Data Processing and Storing

User Account

For community version user, there’s none of your personal and sensitive data is sent to us. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

For a premium version user, you will need to creating an account on our website, in the process, an email address and a password will required for completing registry. They will be stored on our website server and will be used for the only purpose of your operations to the account. You can ask us to delete your account on our side anytime.

Payment Information

Purchasing any premium subscription plan on our site will not give us any information or access to your payment account. All payments handled by the service providers on their sites, for example, PayPal at www.paypal.com.

Support Terms

WPvivid will provide customers support services including helping solving all the questions and issues regarding the installation and operation of the WPvivid Backup Plugin.

We do our best to offer quick support for users regarding all the issues caused by our plugin, but this does not include issues caused by shortages of resource (such as disk space and memory shortage) on customers server. We in principle are not committed to providing manual website restore or migration support for users.

Service Suspension

Any abusive behaviors towards our facilities and staff may result in a termination or suspension of access to parts or all of our service without prior notice or refund, under our sole discretion.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms, please feel free to contact us.