You have content that brings in a lot of traffic to your website now you want a real-time comment system that the native WordPress comment system does not provide.

If that is you then you need to experience arguably the fastest commenting with AJAX real-time comment system for Wordpress – wpDiscuz.

User engagement presents a brand with tons of benefits in this digital era where there are more devices than are people.

Technology has shifted a lot of power to consumers. And the consumers have something to say about your product, service or content.

They don’t just want to comment or say things, they want to say it now.

So let us power up your website with an AJAX real-time comment system

What is wpDiscuz and why you need it.


Before it became the dominant content management system on which huge websites are built on, WordPress was synonymous to blogging.

Unlike the traditional HTML sites, WordPress gave people with a voice a platform to speak out and share their ideas with whoever cared to listen.

Since it was about communicating to a tribe it was built with engagement in mind.  The native commenting system was just enough back then.

However, the users today want a lot more, the only problem is that WordPress has not done much to reinvent its commenting system to cater to a more active and real-time feedback craving audience.

wpdiscuz default form

Such a form does not foster discussions and engagement that much.

This created a need that several developers filled with great and awesome tools for real-time engagement.

One such tool is Disqus comments which by far is the best AJAX real-time comment system available for any WordPress website.

But, being dominant and for-profit company Disqus has shortcomings with website performance and privacy handling as they need to run ads on their platform. I don’t blame them, I mean, they’ve got to pay the bills.

But, not everyone is comfortable with that.

That’s where wpDiscuz comes in.

wpDiscuz easily matches Disqus in a feature contest. Yet it gives you all the control and freedom to you will need for a real-time comment system.

Great things about wpDiscuz

Fully customizable AJAX real-time comment system

wpdiscuz form

With wpDiscuz one can build a simple or very complex AJAX real-time comment system.

For the type that love control over how the details of how the comment system, then you will love wpDiscuz. It has lots of features and multiple ways you can control the look and function of the comments.

Eventually, you get a real-time live update of new comments on a very simple and easy to use interface.

Great antispam management

It is hard to think of a commenting system without thinking of spam.

wpDiscuz is shipped out of the box with secure and anti-spam features to fight spam.

It comes with captcha generation and an inbuilt invisible antispam protection system based on the server side and front-end unique key comparison.

But if one does not like or prefers something different they can easily integrate other anti-spam systems like Akismet anti spam, WordPress Zero Spam, WPBruiser {no-Captcha anti-Spam} to the comment system.

Built with social in mind

We use plugins like these instead of the default native WordPress commenting system because of the social real-time communication and engagement.

I believe, wpDiscuz gets that right with its social login and social share features.

wpDiscuz gets social login and social share features

Using Facebook, Twitter, Google, VK and OK users do not need separate accounts to engage on your website.

This, of course, has the added benefit of promotion and distribution of your content to the social networking websites visitors.

wpDiscuz shortcomings

Compared to the Disqus, the plugin it seeks to challenge, there is a tradeoff on the aesthetics.

The look and feel. There is just that finer attention to detail, pixel-perfect feel that you do not get with wpDiscuz.

Secondly, what makes wpDiscuz great is also arguably one of its pain points. Too much freedom and features come with their own shortcomings.

There are so many options and moving parts to actually get this AJAX real-time comment system to function at its peak.

This involves a bit of knowledge and commitment to configure the plugin. Something a busy website owner will not fully commit to.

In Conclusion

When great content is complemented with a powerful AJAX real-time comment system like wpDiscuz great discussions are fostered.

And where there is engagement, great bonds, and great relationships are forged.

Something great for any brand.

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