Free WordPress Website Backup and Migration Plugin

All in one Free WordPress backup plugin, securely backup your WordPress website to the leading cloud storage providers: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, DigitalOcean Spaces, FTP and SFTP. Migrate your WordPress site to a new domain with one click.

Core Features

 WPvivid Backup Plugin prepares you for the worst possible events that will require a quick restore of your files.

Automatic Backup

Setup and forget, the plugin will do the rest automatically backing up your website.

One-Click Restore

Restore your WordPress site from a backup with a single click.

Easy Site Migration

Migrate your WordPress site to a new domain with a single click.

Cloud Storage Supported

We support the top rated cloud storage providers and are working hard to keep adding more.



Google Drive


Microsoft OneDrive

DigitalOcean Spaces

Amazon S3

More coming soon...

Why Use WPvivid Backup Plugin

Easy to Use

Create or restore a backup or migrate your website with a single click.

Full Control

Set a size limit for each file. Files exceeding the size limit will not be backed up.

Large Database Support

Successfully  tested on up to 2GB database size.

Optimized for any host

Improve you backup success rate by creating backups based on your host limits.

Backup Limits

Freedom to set up to how many backup copies you want to keep on your servers.

Backup Splitting

Ability to split your backups into as many parts as you need, comes in handy if you have size limits.

No Limit of Backup Size

The only limits are your cloud storage and hosting account sizes. We do not limit you.

Backup to Localhost

Ability to create local backups.

Clean Temp Files

Cleanup all the temporary and junk files created during the backup and restoration process.

Schedule Automated Backups

Multiple backup schedule frequencies: every 12 hours, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

Backup what you want

You are free to choose what to backup; the entire site, files or just the database only.

Download Backup

Want a local copy on your PC? Download your backups from your web server or cloud storage to your local devices.

Instant Email Report

Get Notified by email on the status of your back up after completion.

Log Files

The plugin keeps a trail of activities during the backup and restorations so you can easily troubleshoot it. If you need our help we shall ask you to send us this file.

Responsive Design

It works on all devices, phones tablets, PCs.

WordPress MU Support

Coming soon.


Here are answers to the typical questions we get.

In case you still have any queries, then drop us an email or a tweet.

How many cloud options does it support? Are they free to access?

Out of the box we support Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, DigitalOcean Spaces, we also support FTP, SFTP methods which you can use on any other remote storage provider supporting these methods. We are working hard to add more soon.

Yes, all the cloud access is free.

Will there be updates, will they be free and how can I update to the latest version?

Yes, we are dedicated to creating a secure and robust solution and will regularly update the plugin. These will be available totally free and can be easily applied through your WP admin area once they are available.

Will the plugin work on my host?

If your website is running on WordPress then yes it will.

The plugin has been extensively tested on the shared and dedicated hosting plans from the leading website hosting providers like Godaddy, Siteground, and many others.

Will you charge for these existing features?

No, on the contrary we’ll keep adding free cool features like website migration.

Does the plugin also migrate my site? Is the migration free?

Yes, it allows you to migrate a WordPress website to a new domain or host with a single click.

Yes, it is free to use.

Is the restore feature free?

Yes, absolutely. With no limits, no strings attached.

Do you provide support for the free version? Where?

Yes, absolutely. Whenever you need it, help can be found from the plugin support forum on, or on twitter, or by email.

Are there any tutorials I can follow to get started?

Yes, you can find our easy to follow guides on Get Started page.

Can it back up large databases?

It totally depends on your definition of ‘large’, we’ve tested up to 2 GB database without any issues.

Will you release a premium version? What can I expect from it?

Yes, it is in the works. You will be notified when it is released. Expect add-ons for advanced users.

Cercavo un plugin free che permettesse di fare i backup su una installazione multisito. Ebbene eccolo, unica pecca che manca la traduzione in italiano, eventualmente se l’autore vuole mi posso impegnare con il mio team per tradurlo

5-star review to wpvivid plugin

BY epa69

I tested this plugin today, and I really like it. The plugin has a very simple and easy to use interface. This free plugin makes the backup and restore process simple and very easy for anyone, be it beginner WordPress user or an advanced developer.

5-star review to wpvivid plugin

BY Tahir Taous

It is easy to use and configure. It is also perfect to be able to choose as many cloud storages as, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and many more…

5-star review to wpvivid plugin

Peter Nilsson

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