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Frequently Asked Questions 

Pre-sales FAQs

Pre-sales FAQ

Do you provide a refund?

Yes, we offer 100% refund within 30 days after purchase, no question asked.

Do you provide a free trial?

We are currently not offering a trial version, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Can I upgrade/downgrade a subscription/plan?

Yes, absolutely. Please check out our step-by-step guide on How To Upgrade/Downgrade A WPvivid Subscription/Plan.

Can I transfer a license to another site?

Yes, you can transfer(reuse) a license to as many websites as you want, to do that, just remove the old site from My Account area on wpvivid.com > My Websites, then activate it on the new website. Please note that for Trial or Basic subscription, you can only transfer to 1 website within 3 days.

Are there discounts for renewal?

Yes, we send out coupons to users at irregular intervals that you use for renewal. 

Can I change my current billing address? How?

Yes, you can change your billing address from My Account area on wpvivid.com > Addresses.

Please be aware that it is not supported to change the billing information for a completed order.

Can I download or print my invoices?

Yes, you can download or print your invoices from My Account area on wpvivid.com > Orders.

Can I cancel my account? Will I be charged?

Yes and No, you can cancel your account at any time you want and we do not have any cancellation fee. Just contact us if you want cancel and we will process it for you.

Do I need to pay for help and support?

We do not charge extra fees for support, and we offer priority support to premium users.

Where to find my license?

You can always find you licenses from My Account area on wpvivid.com > Licenses.

Why do I need to pay for VAT?

As per requested by EU laws,  a business anywhere in the world that has customers in the European Union, VAT should be applying to almost every sale the business owner makes in the EU. And the tax we should be submitting back to the EU each quarter.

As a supplier of digital products to EU customers, we’re responsible for charging, collecting, reporting, and submitting this Europe-specific tax to individual governments. This means across all 28 EU member states and their various VAT rates.

If you have a valid EU VAT number, enter it to get the VAT charge deducted when checking out.

How to delete my account?

Please contact us if you want to delete your account, we will process it for you.

What is your privacy policy for the use of remote storage?

Please check our Privacy Policy.

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Backup & Migration Pro

What is WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro?

WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro works on the top of the free version and offers a lot more advanced features: Incremental backups,  advanced backups,  advanced auto-migration, database backup encryption, white label and more cloud storage supported.

For more details, check out the full features.

Will WPvivid plugins work on my host?

If your website is running on WordPress then yes it will. Our plugins have been extensively tested on the shared and dedicated hosting plans from the leading website hosting providers like Godaddy, Siteground, and many others.

Does the plugin have a limit on the size of my website?

No, in theory, WPvivid Backup Plugin(both free and pro versions) can backup/migrate/restore sites of any sizes, as long as there are sufficient server resources on your hosting side.

How many cloud options does it support? Are they free to access?

Out of the box we support Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, Microsoft OneDrive, DigitalOcean Spaces, we also support FTP, SFTP methods which you can use on any other remote storage provider supporting these methods.

Yes, all the above cloud access is free.

And in the pro version, we also support Wasabi, pCloud, and more options are under planning.

Can I use your plugin on my WordPress.com blog?

No, you can only install WPvivid plugins on websites hosted with WordPress.org.

Can I use WPvivid Backup Plugins together with other backup plugins?

From what we see so far, you can use it with most of other backup plugins. However, We cannot guarantee all, if you find a conflict, please contact us and we will try to fix it.

Can I use WPvivid Backup Plugin to back up my WooCommerce websites?

Yes, you can use it to back up the entire WooCommerce website, including create incremental backups for WooCommerce files.

Can I store backups to my PC?

Yes, to do that, use the download option in the plugin and download backups to your PC or external devices.

Do I need another WPvivid license for a subsite of WordPress MU?

No, since the plugin is installed on the MU network admin, only one license will be needed for a MU network.

Why do I get many files(parts) after a backup is complete?

By default, our backup plugin splits a backup to multiple parts(200MB for each) to increase backup success rate, especially for websites with shared web hosting.

However, you do have the option to finally get a single backup file by changing the following WPvivid plugin settings,

In Advanced Settings

  • Set ‘Compress files every’ to 0 MB
  • Uncheck the option ‘Enable optimization mode for web hosting/shared hosting’

In General Settings

  • Check the option ‘Merge all the backup files into single package’

However, please note that the above settings are only recommended for sites with sufficient server resources.

Can it back up large databases?

It totally depends on your definition of ‘large’, we’ve tested up to 10 GB database without any issues (on VPS).

Do you provide support for the free version? Where?

Yes, absolutely. Whenever you need it, help can be found from the plugin support forum on WordPress.org, or by email.

Are there any tutorials I can follow to get started?

Yes, you can find our easy-to-follow guides at our Docs Site.

Will you charge for these existing features in the free version?

No, all the existing  features in the free version will be free to all users forever.

Does the plugin support Local by Flywheel?

Temporarily not. But we have already added that to our development schedule.

Why don't you support using dot in the remote storage path and file name?

That is mainly to be compatible with Windows, as Windows uses dot as the extension identifier, it does not allow multiple dots in it’s file systems. File/Folder names containing multiple dots, for example, test.yourdomain.com can cause unexpected problems in Windows.

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Image Optimization Pro

What is WPvivid Image Optimization Pro?

WPvivid Image Optimization Pro comes is an all-in-one image optimization plugin that comes with all advanced features you will ever need to optimize images on your website, hence improving your website load speed, SEO rankings and Google PageSpeed Insights score.

For more details, please check out the plugin’s landing page.

Do I have a daily or monthly limit?

No, there is no limit on the number of images you can optimize per domain.

How many sites can I use WPvivid Imgoptim Pro simultaneously?

For users that purchased prior to July 19, 2021, you can simultaneously use it on as many sites as your WPvivid subscription/plan allows, which are 3, 100, and unlimited websites, for Basic, Freelancer, and Unlimited susbscription/plan.

For new users that purchased after July 19, 2021, it depends on the subscription you purchased.

  • For a Basic subscription, you can use it on up to 3 domains.
  • For a Blogger subscription, it will be up to 10 domains.
  • For a Freelancer subscription, it will be up to 50 domains.
  • For a Ultimate subscription, you can use it on unlimited domains.
Will my images break if I delete WPvivid Imgoptim Plugin?

Absolutely no! All your optimized images will remain. You just won’t be able to use all pro features, like WebP converting.

Will my existing images be optimized?

Yes, that’s exactly where WPvivid Image Optimization plugin comes from, you can optimize all your existing images in bulk in a simple click.

Does WPvivid Image Optmization Pro support Multisite?

Yes, it does.

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Staging & Dev Environment Pro

What is WPvivid Staging Pro?

WPvivid Staging Pro is a neat dev tool that provides the ability to create a staging site in a subdirectory and push the staging site to live.

For more details, please see the plugin’s landing page.

Where will the staging site be installed?

The staging site will be installed in the root or the wp-content directory of the live site, depending on which directory you choose when creating it.

Is the staging site protected from search engine indexing?

Yes, by default, the staging site is protected from search engine indexing, so you don’t worry about being penalized for duplicate content.

Does WPvivid Staging Pro support Multisite?

Yes, it does. You can choose to create a staging site for the entire MU network(only subdirectory Multisite supported) or a specific subsite(both subdomain and subdirectory Multisite supported).

Can I push the staging site to live without overwriting new data on the live site?

Yes, our staging plugin offers the option to selectively push files and database tables from staging to live.

However, unless you are a WordPress expert, it is always recommended to push the entire database, as the selective push can break the data connection between tables.

Can I push the staging site to live without overwriting new data on the live site?

Yes, our staging plugin offers the option to selectively push files and database tables from staging to live.

However, unless you are a WordPress expert, it is always recommended to push the entire database, as the selective push can break the data connection between tables.