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WordPress Staging Plugin Pro

A neat dev tool that provides the ability to create a staging site in a subdirectory/subdomain( same host) and push the staging site to live.

Create a staging site

What Does WordPress Staging Plugin Do?

A staging site is a copy of your live website where you can test changes securely and privately before making them live. WPvivid wordpress Staging plugin enables you to create a staging site in a subdirectory/subdomain in minutes, so you can test WordPress core, plugins, themes, new features and everything on it, and make the staging live when you finish the work.

Use Cases

Create A Testing Environment To Test Plugins, Themes Or WordPress Core. Using a staging site can avoid risks coming with the development on a production website. On a staging site, you can securely test WordPress, themes, plugins updates and compatibilities, as well as new features, without the risk of breaking your live website.

Create A fresh WP Install To Build A New Website

In the case where you need to develop a WordPress site from scratch, you can simple use WPvivid Staging & Dev Environment Pro to create a fresh WP install in a subdirectory to quickly get started.

Make The Staging Live

When you finish redesigning or developing a new website on a staging site, you can use WPvivid Staging & Dev Environment plugin to clone everything from the dev site to live, in just 1 simple click.


100% Clone The Live Site

Make an exact copy of your live site in a subdirectoy, for you to safely test changes and do development.

Make The Staging Live

Push the staging site to production in 1-click after you finish testing and development.

Update A Staging Site

Update data from the live site to a staging site whenever needed.

Selective Transfer Options

Select files and database tables you want to copy from the live to a staging site, or from a staging to the live site.

Support WordPress MU

Create a staging site for the entire MU network. Currently it only supports subdirectory MU.

Subsite Of WordPress MU

Create a staging site for a specific subsite in a MU network. Both subdirectory and subdomain MU supported.

Custom Directory

Choose to install the staging site in the root or wp-content directory of the live site.

Optional Database

Install the staging site to the same database as the live site or another database.

About SE Bots

Staging sites won’t be indexed by search engines, so you don’t worry about being penalized for duplicate content.

Multiple Staging Sites

Create as many staging sites as you want for a website.

One-Click Delete

Delete a staging site, including the staging site folder and all staging tables, in 1-click.

Priority Support

We offer 24/7 priority support for pro users via ticket. Got a question? Submit A Ticket.

Database Merging Integration

Use Database Merging plugin on a staging site to record changes, and merge only changes from the staging site to live.

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