Do you want to create a business directory for your site?

If your website is powered by WordPress, you can easily achieve it by using a WordPress directory plugin. Like most of great plugins in WordPress plugin directory, directory plugins work excellent with no cost at all.

Choosing the right WordPress directory plugin is a crucial and sensitive task. There are several free and premium options available. Thus, making it hard to choose the right one. However, for your convenience, here is our top picks for the best WordPress business directory plugins.

So, are you ready?

Top Business Directory Plugins

1. Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is a free WordPress plugin that can help you create a business directory with ease. With the help of this plugin, you can retain your customer and attain more revenue through various possible channels. However, if you want to avail extra features, you need to purchase its premium version.

Features Of Business Directory Plugin

And much more…

If you want to view the detail features of its free and premium version. Log on to Business Directory Plugin.

Now let’s look into some reasons why you may avail this plugin

Reasons To Avail This Plugin  

2. Geo Directory – Business Directory Plugin

Geo Directory business directory plugins

Geo Directory is another remarkable WordPress business directory plugin that helps business create a location-based business directory with ease. Just log on to Geo Directory and take full advantage of its features and benefits.

Features Of Geo Directory

and much more…

Let’s look into reasons why is there so much hustle and bustle about this plugin??

Reasons To Avail This Plugin  
  • It has a highly optimized database structure that helps user’s scale on the international level
  • It is light weighted, flexible and efficient
  • Turn any WordPress theme into the powerful, fast directory
  • It is a multisite compatible plugin and works excellent in building a network of directories and installing on multiple client sites.
  • Offers front-end form for users so they may submit listing with ease.
  • Offers users to edit listing with a drag and drop editor.

Isn’t that amazing?

All this is free but if you want to avail extra features like Google maps affiliate WP integration, list management and various other. Then, you need to purchase their premium add-ons starting from $ 19.

3. Directorist – Business Directory Plugin

Directorist Business Directory Plugin

Directorist is highly useful for creating a directory or classified website. It has recently updated itself by introducing a wide range of features. Let’s look into some of the features it is offering to its users.

Features Of Directorist:
  • Offers monetizing feature
  • The easy front-end and backend listing submission
  • Add-ons support
  • Customize slugs for each directory page
  • Offers a wide range of listing option; ratings, reviews, video, owner contact form, and listing filter

and much more…..

Reasons To Avail This Plugin  
  • It is 100% responsive; your site can be used from any device
  • Offers unlimited custom fields
  • It is best for newbies since it is easy to use and requires no coding language
  • Provides its customers with a clean and easily understandable setting panel
  • Offers three monetizing option: paid listing, feature listing and claim listing (premium extension).
  • Offers users to customize the plugins according to its needs
  • It is applicable for any business directory site or classified site
  • Allows users to set an expiration date for listing; default expirations date or forever validity option
  • Users can control the email notification system
  • Compatible with any theme

4. Advanced Classified And Directory Pro

Advanced Classified And Directory Pro

Advanced Classified And Directory Pro is one of the most flexible business directory plugins in the WordPress repository. So, if you want to integrate its services in any site; you have it here. It supports any kind of directory; rating sites, classified sites or even travel guides.

Let’s look into some of the features of this plugin

Features of Advanced Classified And Directory Pro
  • Offers nested categories; where you can organize your listing into unlimited categories and unlimited category levels.
  • Offers unlimited custom fields so users can accommodate any business area it likes to advertise
  • Offers 3 configurable location based setup; country, Google map integration or unlimited locations
  • Offers customizable layout options where users have full control to choose what and how to display front end
  • Users are allowed to integrate their personal panel, where it can manage, renew, delete the listing, set a wish list and view payment history whenever it desires.
  • Offer advanced search widget where the users can filter search results by the keyword, category, location, custom fields, and price range
  • Features listing and fee plans are the two revenue options it is offering to its customers
  • Offers payment plugins through offline payment, PayPal (premium version) and stripe (premium version)
Reasons To Avail This Plugin  
  • Its free version offers a wide range of services that are effective and efficient
  • It has an active email notification system; thereby informs users about significant happenings.
  • Offers an unlimited number of custom fields for any business
  • Offers unlimited location access
  • Uploading of images and videos are supported by all listing pages.
  • Create detail categories for better sorting and filtering features
  • Offers highly intuitive search tool
  • Allows users to create detail classified ads using various field formats; such as radio, checkbox, text area, and input box.

5. CM Business Directory

CM Business Directory plugin in wordpress

If you want to create a local; online directory of business listing similar to Yelp, Yahoo, Or Yellow Pages. Then, the CM Business directory is the ultimate business directory you need.

This WordPress plugin supports payments, Google maps, and advanced search options that can help you create a professional business directory with paid directory listings.

Let’s look into some of its features

Features Of CM Business Directory
  • Helps to create directory categories
  • Allows users to display their businesses in catalog list format
  • Enables users to create a separate business page for each business
  • Users are permitted to include a business logo, business description, and pitch
  • Allows users to search directory

These are some of the basic features of this business directory plugin, but if you want to avail further extensions and features. Avail their premium version starting from $39 pro edition, $ 59 pro community and $ 79 pro payment. Whereas, if you want to avail additional functionality you may install their business directory additional add-ons for $29.

Reasons To Avail This Plugin  
  • Easy to use; helps users start any kind of local business directory with a few clicks
  • Highly versatile as it allows users to build a staff listing page or niche classified websites
  • Users can search and filter directory listing by keywords, category and zip code
  • Help user’s display directory listing on an interactive map with CM map locations plugin integration
  • Allows users to add products to display under each business listing.

6. Simple Business Directory With Maps

Simple Business Directory With Maps

Simple Business Directory With Maps is my last recommendable business directory plugin. It is one of the versatile listing directory plugins in the WordPress repository. It helps users create an innovative and elegant business directory in their WordPress site within a couple of minutes with Google maps.

Features of Simple Business Directory With Maps
  • 4 great looking responsive templates
  • Unlimited business listing
  • Offers embedded option for your directories
  • Allows users to display single list or all lists
  • An easy and quick shortcode generator
Reasons To Avail This Plugin  
  • Compatible with any theme and editor
  • Offers a shortcode generator block for Gutenberg editor
  • It works with and without maps
  • It is a unique, powerful, and flexible business directory plugin
  • Allows users to create directories from 50-500 listing of any type
  • Helps to create a local business directory, staff directory, employee directory, vendor directory, partner directory
  • Simple user interfaces that can help users manage, add and style their address book and contact directories with style.
  • And much more…..

If you want to get hooked with its advanced features avail its premium version. Click here and view its features in detail.

Wrapping Up

Within this article, we have enlisted some of the best free and paid business directory plugins that can help you create a business or personal directory with ease. So, choose one of them and create a stance in the online world. If you have any question about business directory plugins, comment in the section below. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Now you are all set to create a business directory on your own project.