Are you in search of the best category plugins for your WordPress site that will help you list your posts?

With the help of a WordPress category plugin, you can easily list content on your WordPress site. You can list posts by category in a post or page, edit and customize it the way you want. So, if you’re going to display the most recent posts from a specific category, you have landed on the right page. Category plugins are easy to build, design and help you display grid or posts with style.

Within this article, I have listed the best category plugins you are searching for.

Best Category Plugins

1. List Category Posts

List Category Posts

List Category Post is an incredible category post which will help you list posts list posts by category in a post or page using a shortcode. So, if you want to edit a page or a post, just insert the shortcode and your post will be listed there.

Isn’t that amazing?

The best thing I love about this plugin is that they have provided shortcode for the plugin themselves. So, save yourself from the hassle and install this plugin today. This shortcode not only accepts the shortcode in text widgets.

Category name or ID, but you can display your posts. Moreover, it also allows its users to choose the number of posts to show. It can be used as many times you want. You can install this plugin by logging on WordPress plugins or click here.

Let’s see some of the reasons; this plugin is just rocking it:

And much much more…..

This WordPress plugin has more than 100,000 active installations but offers its users with tutorials and tips. So if you are a newbie, don’t worry! This plugin is providing its users with complete instructions and video tutorials. Isn’t that awesome.

2. Display Posts

Display Posts

Display posts is my other WordPress category plugin recommendation. So, if you want to list content from all across your site. You have it here; Display Posts is the best plugin for this purpose. You just need to add the shortcode: [display-posts] in the content editor and display the list of your most recent posts.

Wasn’t that quick?

This plugin comes up with loads of other features too.

Want to check them out?

Let’s see some of the features display posts is offering to its customers:

Isn’t this what you were looking for? Let me add one more thing. Display posts – easy lists, grids, navigation and more is open source software that has attained more than 100,000 active installations.

3. Category Posts Widget

Category Posts Widget

Category Post Widget is the third in my referral list and has attained more than 90,000 active installations. This WordPress plugin has definitely earned a good name and reputation. So, if you want to display the most recent posts from a particular category; you just name it. Category Post Widget is the right plugin for this job. It is offering a free and premium version.

Firstly I will highlight some of the features of its free version, want to know?

Let’s view some of them

  • The template is offered to arrange post details, where a template text can be informed of post details placeholder, plain text, HTML or a font icon.
  • Offers shortcode and multiple shortcodes
  • Offers published, scheduled and special filter by post status option to its users.
  • Users can set thumbnails width and height, a default thumbnail and hide widget text
  • Allowed to hide no thumbnail posts, exclude current pots or show post author comments count and postdate.
  • Provides multisite support

And much much more….

Whereas, it’s premium version entails more features:

This WordPress plugin is just rocking it. Let me know in the comment section which version did you choose; free or premium.

Still confused about choosing the right plugin? Head on to another recommendation.

4. ContentViews – Post Grid & List For WordPress

ContentView-Post Grid & List For WordPress

ContentViews Post Grid & List For WordPress is another remarkable plugin that is attracting attention from all spheres. This plugin has 5-star rating and has attained more than 100,000 active installations. There are free and a premium version of the ContentView plugin.

So, if you want to keep your visitors engaged and give your WordPress site a new beautiful look, log on to They will help you create a beautiful grid and list of posts with style.

You can create a list to display the recent posts, the posts of specific category tag, and author easily and quickly. This is one plugin that requires no coding, no time; only ContentView.

Let’s see some of the reasons why this plugin is just hitting so hard:

And much much more…..

So, if you want to design your grid. It’s just simple. Design your grid in 3 simple steps; filter any posts you want to showcase, select a nice grid or list layout, paste the generated code anywhere. How was that?

Wasn’t that quick, efficient, time saving and most importantly free of hassle?

If yes, log on to ContentViews.

5. The Post Grid

The Post Grid

The Post Grid is another remarkable, responsive and mobile friendly plugin that will display your page/post in the grid, list, and Isotope view. This plugin also does not require any coding and is excellent for newbies. So all of those beginners who just stepped in, don’t worry! This plugin is just there to assist you. Just log on to Postgrid.Com and avail their numerous features.

Let’s view some of its features:

  • It can help users display posts by any category, tags, author, and post keywords
  • Users can order posts by id, a title created to date, modified date, and menu order
  • Offers 4 different layouts
  • It helps users generate an unlimited grid
  • Add widget
  • It is supported by pagination
  • Offers users to control image overlay, custom number of posts per page, select field, control primary and button color.

And much much more…

So, if you want to generate a grid, you just have to follow 4 simple steps; post source, configure the layout setting, select field and set your own style. There you are!

Wasn’t that simple?

Wanna see my last option?

6. List All Posts By Authors, Nested Categories And Titles

List All Posts By Authors, Nested Categories And Titles

List All Posts By Authors, Nested Categories And Titles is a five-star rating plugin that helps users get rid of the long and bested menu and submenu. All you have to do is to place the shortcode into any page you want, and there you have it!

So, those of you who are really frustrated with those with lots of posts and complex category layout; you have one solution; this plugin’s shortcode.

List all posts by authors, nested categories and titles offers its various shortcode options.

Let’s see them in detail:

Now, let’s look into some reasons why you might opt for this plugin:

  • Shortcode generator
  • Default manual usage
  • Exclude categories
  • Include admin posts
  • Single user website
  • Select the lists to display
  • Split lists into separate pages
  • Limit the number of posts in the lists
  • Show posts list in reverse date order
  • Show posts date.

Final Thoughts

So, now if you want to add a category, include or exclude a particular category, category sticky posts, split lists into separate pages, control image overlay and custom number of posts per page. OR, Display recent posts from a specific category, tag author, ID and contains particular keywords. You can easily do that, with the help of the mentioned above plugins. The list I have mentioned above includes free and premium version plugins. So, choose one that suits you best.

But don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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