If you own a WordPress blog, you should consider displaying popular posts on your site to engage your readers an reduce the bounce rate of your site. This would be highly helpful for your SEO campaign.

WordPress is a content management system that entails the best plugins that suit the needs of WordPress users, but choosing the right one among hundreds is a crucial task, that’s why we have collected the best popular post plugins (with thumbnails) that are highly essential for WordPress users. You can use them and also recommend it to others about these plugins.

Top Popular Post Plugins

1. WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Post

WordPress Popular Post is one of the most highly demanded WordPress post plugins that has over 200,000 active installations. Due to its incredible features, it has created that niche within the market; giving its competitors a hard time.

Reasons To Choose

Let’s see some of the reasons why it there is so much hype about WordPress Popular Post

That’s not all! There is a lot to know more about this free WordPress plugin.

Want to know more? Head over to WordPress Popular Post. This plugin offers you an option to customize your site according to your style; you will have full control. But if you are a newbie, then you might look into some other option I have selected below. Since it is a task of a coder, and some features may be difficult to set up for a newbie.

2. Top 10 – Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress

Top 10 – Popular Posts Plugin for WordPress

Top 10 is another remarkable popular post plugin for WordPress that is creating a stance among its users due to its features. It resolves the issue of WordPress that will help you count the number of page view of your post, pages, and custom post types. If you are a WordPress user, you must be aware that WordPress doesn’t have an inbuilt system to track page views or display favorite posts.

Whereas, this plugin not only helps you display page view counts but also present the most popular post. This remarkable plugin equips its users with two widgets, so they can display a list of their favorite post and at the same time count cross all their blog posts.

Reasons To Choose

Let’s see some of the features/reasons why top ten is hitting the market hard:

  • It supports thumbnails, shortcodes, widgets, custom post type, and CSS style.
  • Offers its users an inbuilt caching system that reduces server load.
  • Includes two shortcodes, so users can display the post list and number of views.
  • Supports thumbnails and offers exclusions.
  • It is compatible with caching plugins like WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, And Quick Cache.
  • Offers GDPR compliant feature; it does not collect any personal data about its visitors when it is installed out of the box.

Top 10 has earned its name as among the best popular post plugins, and it offers highly configurable widgets and shortcodes. But once again, it is not a preferable choice for beginners. This plugin is built with a wide range of plugin setting options; thus a newbie will only get its life more complicated. But, if you have attained the knowledge, skill, and expertise to handle popular post plugins, then head on. It will help you reach that niche that you have always desired for!

Hit the install button or log on to Top 10 Popular Post Plugin, it’s definitely worth investing your time and effort.

3. Relevant- Related, Featured, Latest, and Popular Posts By BestWebSoft

Relevant- Related, Featured, Latest, and Popular Posts By BestWebSoft

Relevant is an impressive and powerful free plugin. This plugin helps you display related, latest popular and your featured posts on your WordPress site. Moreover, it also highlights and presents appropriate and essential information to your visitor.

So, if you want to customize your widgets, change the appearance of your site or enlist the number of favorite posts on your site. You need relevant plugin services.

Reasons To Choose

It offers its users to choose a different position for both; before and after content for any related, featured, latest and popular posts. Moreover, it also offers its users to use separate shortcodes to posts, pages, and custom post types. Want to know more? Let’s give a give glance at some of its features

And much more….

Relevant is WordPress compatible; that offers shortcodes, templates, and widgets. Most importantly, it provides its users a step by step procedure so no hassle or hurdle may intervene within the user. So, all of the beginners and newbie’s; this plugin in one convenient package for you. It combines featured posts, related content, latest posts, and favorite posts all under one roof.

So would you opt for this plugin? If yes, click here.

4. Tabs Popular Posts And Latest Posts

Tabs Popular Posts And Latest Posts

Tabs Popular Posts And Latest Posts is another remarkable WordPress plugin. Do you want to create WordPress tabbed widget to display recent posts and favorite posts?

This plugin is a light widget plugin that smooth’s transitions between two tabs. Moreover, it offers easy configuration option so as those newbie’s this is an excellent plugin for you. It will help you display your recent posts and popular posts with a quick and straightforward procedure.

Tab users can also adjust the number of posts to display tab according to their needs. It quick, efficient, and offers a live demo. So, all your queries will be resolved.

Need to know more information? Go to Tabs Popular Posts And Latest Posts.

It’s incredible and straightforward!

5. WP Most Popular

WP Most Popular

Do you want to rank your most popular blog posts? Do you want to display your renown posts for the last 7 days, or 30 days or any prescribed period?

Yes! You are right. WP Most Popular is an incredible plugin that will keep track of your most popular posts based on the views. Moreover, they also present than in your blog theme with custom styling.

So, now you have all the relevant information you need with style!

WP most popular allows its users to use this plugin as a sidebar widget and as a custom function in your theme file. So, set your own pattern and enjoy unlimited benefits.

This plugin is best for all; beginners and developers. However, if you are a beginner, use the widget. It’s easy, simple and recommendable. Whereas, if you are a developer and want to integrate the plugin in your existing theme, go ahead. This plugin entails all the relevant information for you too. Just visit WP Most Popular and follow step by step procedure. It is one of the best.

6. Display Posts – Easy Lists, Grids, Navigation, and More

Display Posts – Easy Lists, Grids, Navigation, and More

Display Posts- Easy Lists, Grids, Navigation, And More is another remarkable WordPress plugin that will help you list content on your site. All you have to do is to add a shortcode [display-posts], and YES, you can display a list of your most recent posts.

Reasons To Choose

That is not all; this plugin offers a variety of other features:

  • Allows its users to show posts within a specific category through the filter by category option
  • Customize your column-based grid of posts with style
  • It helps you highlight your popular content in various ways
  • Allows controlling all information that is displayed for the post, including thumbnails, excerpts and more.
  • Supports sorting the list they want; according to the title, menu order, relevance, content type, metadata and more.
  • Help its user’s list upcoming events with ease.

So, are you ready to install this plugin? Want to know more?

Display posts have a 5-star rating and have attained more than 100,000 active installations. Now, if you want to avail their services; click here and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Final Thoughts

You need to grab your visitors, you need to attract them, retain them. So, increase the popularity of your blog by creating a good quality popular post widget in a sidebar.

Mark my words; it will create a huge difference. If you want to rank your posts high in search results, you need to avail the opportunity. You need to the best WordPress popular post plugins.

The list mentioned above will help you change your site, give it a new style and earn high revenues and profits. All the mentioned WordPress plugins hold credibility.

Let me give a give you a quick snap of the plugins I have discussed so far:

  • WordPress Popular Posts
  • Top 10- Popular Posts Plugin For WordPress
  • Relevant- Related, Featured, Attest And Popular Posts By BestWebSoft
  • Tabs Popular Posts And Latest Posts
  • WP Most Popular
  • Display Posts – Easy Lists, Grids, Navigation, and More

Let us know in the comment below which plugin you choose for your site. In case you may also interested, here is our hand-picked list of the best related posts plugins for displaying related posts on your WordPress site.

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