WordPress countdown timers create excitement among their customers. They will entice them and develop a sense of urgency by giving them an unique countdown timer. Thereby, enforcing them to purchase a product, hence boosting your product sales.

Isn’t that amazing?

So, if you run an online store and want to launch a new product or offer a new feature. Then, this article beholds your attention.

Within this article, we are enlisting the best 8 WordPress countdown timer plugins. They will help you earn high rewards and revenues. So, ready to achieve this accomplishment?

Top countdown timer plugins for WordPress

1. T (-) Countdown

T (-) Countdown wordpress plugin

T (-) Countdown is a popular free WordPress plugin that helps its users generate a countdown timer with ease. It is a lightweight plugin that helps users display HTML 5 based count down timer.

Moreover, it allows its users to use a shortcode and a widget to display a digital clock on their WordPress site or in their widget area. If you are planning to hold an upcoming event, launch a new product or want to diversify your product line. Then, this plugin is best for you. It offers a customizable flash free countdown timer. Moreover, it is free, powerful and will help you create a sense of urgency within your customers.

Even though its free version is not very captivating but if you get hooked with their custom CSS. You will achieve functionality and best designs.

T (-) Countdown wordpress plugin design

Features of T (-) Countdown:

  • It is powered by jQuery and CSS
  • Uses Jedi Mind Tricks
  • Offers countdown on the basis on the hour, minute, seconds and date.
  • Offers custom HTML option
  • Includes a complete list of shortcode options
  • The excellent community support system that helps users resolve their queries with ease.

Most importantly, more than 30,000 active users have installed this plugin? Would you be one of them or want to consider other options?

2. Countdown – Countdown & Clock

Countdown Countdown and Clock wordpress countdown timer plugin

Countdown – Countdown & Clock is another highly customizable countdown timer. Within minutes you can create a beautiful and functional countdown timer and post it on your WordPress site. The best thing about this plugin is that it offers a wide range of countdown types. So, you can create a sense of urgency among your customers with style.

Countdown Countdown and Clock wordpress countdown timer plugin designs

Features of Countdown – Countdown & Clock:

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Offer a wide range of countdown types; circle, digital, clock 1-clock 7, sticky countdown, circle countdown & popup countdown, flip clock countdown, countdown for WooCommerce site.
  • Easily create a customizable countdown using shortcodes
  • Excellent custom support
  • Offer web developers services.

Most importantly, Countdown & Clock is a free WordPress plugin. So, what are you waiting for? Get hooked with it today!

3. Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown

Countdown Timer Widget Countdown wordpress plugin

Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown is another popular WordPress plugin that has attained more than 20,000 active installations. It not only helps users create functional timers for their WordPress sites but beautiful and highly customized countdown timers. So, if you want to display a countdown timer in your post, pages or widget area; log on to WordPress and install this plugin.

It is easy to install and entails a simple interface. No coding knowledge and no hassle.

Countdown Timer Widget Countdown plugin designs 

Features of Countdown Timer – Widget Countdown:

  • It is fully responsive
  • Helps users create unlimited timers and post it on pages, posts, and widgets
  • Allow setting their countdown timer in the day, hour, minute and seconds
  • Compatible with all WordPress themes
  • Offer after time expiry options to select the action and type message.
  • Uses CSS3 and user-friendly at the back end.

The features mentioned above all fall into the category of the free version. Whereas, if you want to enjoy further extended features, look into their pro version. They are offering 39 impressive animation effects, premium support, circle and vertical slider timer buttons, and much more. So what do you want, free or premium?

4. Countdown Timer Ultimate

Countdown Timer Ultimate wordpress plugin

Countdown Timer Ultimate is another powerful WordPress plugin that has attained more than 10,000 active installations. It is very simple to use a plugin that helps users display full customizable HTML5 countdown timers to their WordPress sites, posts or pages within a few minutes.

Countdown Timer Ultimate plugin design 

Features of Countdown Timer Ultimate:

  • It is a fully responsive WordPress count down timer
  • Offers user to create unlimited countdown timers in pages and posts using a shortcode
  • It is compatible with Gutenberg shortcode block
  • Users are allowed to change the background color, width, and rotate the circle background
  • Offers different background color and customizable options for days, hours, units and seconds

Most importantly, it premium version offers custom CSS option, fully customize clock and more than 12 design for clock and timers. Want to know more? Click Here.

5. WordPress Countdown Widget

WordPress Countdown Widget plugin

WordPress Countdown Widget is a simple countdown widget that helps users add countdown timers to their posts, pages, and sidebars easily and quickly. It does not require any coding knowledge; thus it will help you from hassle.

WordPress Countdown Widget plugin design 

Features of WordPress Countdown Widget:

  • Offers drag and drop option
  • Easy to use interface
  • Include both shortcode and widget options
  • Opportunity to show weeks, days, hours, and seconds
  • Offers jQuery countdown or count up timers to your WordPress site

Most importantly it is a free plugin that provides detailed documentation and tutorials for its users. Moreover, its customer support system is incredible. If more than 10,000 active installers have downloaded and activated this plugin, then how about you?

6. Waiting: One-click Countdowns

Waiting One-click Countdowns wordpress plugin

One-click Countdowns is one of the best WordPress countdown plugins you can opt for. This plugin has attained a 4.4-star rating with more than 9000 active installations. It is comparatively new in the market, but due to its features, it has won the hearts of many.

Waiting One-click Countdowns wordpress plugin design

Features of One-click Countdowns:

  • Offers unlimited no of countdowns
  • Users are provided the infinite color option, more than 600 fonts, SD cubical styles, an option to set width, height, and font size.
  • It is highly responsive
  • Offers both shortcode and widget
  • Offers two-time zone option; WordPress or GMT.
  • A wide range of finish options; nothing, hide countdown, redirect  and trigger DOM events

Most importantly, it offers an excellent customer support system that promises to respond with 3-18 hours. What else do we need more in a countdown timer plugin?

7. Evergreen Countdown Timer

Evergreen Countdown Timer plugin for wordpress

Evergreen timers are set for marketing purposes and are variable and unique to each visitor. Evergreen Countdown Timer offers a free and premium version. It can help the user create both regular and evergreen countdown timers for your landing page and funnels. Thus, this remarkable plugin can be integrated within your email marketing funnel and help you boost your sales.

Features of Evergreen Countdown Timer:

  • Allows users to add unlimited timers to their landing pages or multiple timers in a  single page
  • Allows users to change timer color, text, and size
  • Ability to show resources countdowns like concert tickets, availability of seats and others
  • Helps to track visitors with cookie or IP address or both

Most importantly, it is a riskless tool that provides positive solutions for all necessities.  It’s pro version can help users automatically reset timers on certain days and offers countdown for spots, seats, and tickets.

Do you like their premium version or free? Let us know in the comment section.

8. Finale – WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin Lite

Finale WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer and Discount Plugin Lite

Do you want to promote your sales campaign in your online store? If yes, then WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin Lite is the right choice for you. It not only helps you boost your sales but markets your product simultaneously.

Finale Countdown Timer Plugin design

Features of WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin Lite:

Most importantly, it has attained a 5-star rating with 8000 active installations. So those of you who want to run promotions and convert visitors into buyers. This plugin will help you generate more sales and revenues. Run scheduled sales campaigns, flash sales, coupon code led discounts, and prelaunch offers. Moreover, faster shipping, seasonal promotion, deadline campaigns, and much more with WooCommerce Sales Countdown Timer & Discount Plugin Lite.

Wrapping Up

We have enlisted the best WordPress countdown timers that will help you create urgency with style and help you sell fast. These countdown timers will help you create an immense impact with the least amount of effort.

Now you are all set to add a countdown timer widget to your WordPress website.