Do you want to showcase your employees or your team members on your WordPress site? Are you in search of a plugin that can help you ease this process?

If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Within this article, we will help you showcase your employees, your team members or the main governors of your organization on your WordPress site. This article will highlight the best 7 team showcase WordPress plugins that can help you attain this advantage within stance.

Before we enlist the plugins, let’s first look why showcase plugins are creating a hype in the online market?

Why Are WordPress Team Showcase Plugins A Need Today?

Integrating an online business is no more an easy task; it requires the essential skills, knowledge, expertise, and experience to operate successfully. However, if you are running on a WordPress site; then most of your worries reside. WordPress offers a wide range of plugins with a wide range of features. Similarly, when you are operating online; your customers, suppliers, producers, partners all need to know about your operations, your success stories and the people behind that organization. This is where the WordPress team showcase plugins step in. They will easily, quickly and with ample amount of support help you integrate your team on your WordPress site. You don’t need a developer or any other assistance to get this work done. All you have to do is; log in to WordPress dashboard and install one of the plugins enlisted below.

The Best Free Team Showcase Plugins for WordPress

1. Team Members

Team Members plugin

Team Members is a popular and renowned plugin that has attained more than 40,000 active installations with a 4.4-star rating. With the help of this plugin, you can easily add Team section to your admin panel on your WordPress site. You can add your team pictures, position, bios, and social links to your site your way. Moreover, you can reorder the available fields’ anytime and display them using a shortcode.

Want to know more?

Key features of Team Members:

  • Offers available fields; first name, last name, description/ Bio, photo, social links (Facebook, Twitter
  • Offers available setting; offers 1- 5 number of members to show per line
  • Change the colour of the panel
  • Excellent customers service forum

All the above features are for free. However, if you want extra features, then their PRO version is the right choice. It offers a new picture on hover, member height, equalization, full weight pictures, additional info. box, picture filters, per member colour, and provides other two social links for each member. You can get all this for only $ 19. Is that too much for these extraordinary offerings?

Design Of Team Members:

Design Of Team Members

2. Team Members Showcase

Team Members Showcase plugin

Team Members Showcase is another excellent option for designing a professional and creative display of your team members.  This plugin is based on CSS animation and supports all major browsers. With the help of this plugin, you can easily add your staff members name, position, description and social profile on your WordPress site.

Want to know more?

Key features of Team members showcase:

  • Easy to use interface with a fully customizable option
  • Offers extensive range customization options; change colours, font size, font family and much more
  • Allows user to add unlimited teams anywhere in the theme
  • Offers
  • designs
  • Enables users to add and remove team items from the backend
  • And much more…

Design Of Team Member Show Case:

Design Of Team Member Showcase plugin

All the features listed above are from the free version.

Moreover, it offers additional features in its Team PRO version for $ 16 only. Avail their Free Team Member Show Case Version or Team PRO version. Suit your needs and chose the set a plan.

3. Team WD – A Responsive Team/ Staff Showcase Plugin

Team WD wordpress plugin

Team WD is another team management plugin that will help you customize and showcase your team members on your WordPress site quickly, efficiently and effectively.  It is a comparatively new plugin among our recommendable list, therefore has attained only more than 2000 active installations. However, it has earned a 4.9-star rating due to its features.

Want to know its features?

Key features of Team WD:

Impressed? It premium version offers additional features; 8 display layout options, customizable options, 5 colours in skin themes and styles and much more for only $ 20. So what appealed you most; free version or Pro Version?

Designs of Team WD:

design of Team WD wordpress plugin

4. AWSM Team

AWSM Team wordpress plugin

AWSM Team is lightweight WordPress plugin that can help you showcase your team with style.

This is another new arrival in the WordPress repository that has attained a 4.9-star rating and more than 3000 active installations.

Key features of AWSM Team:

  • It offers a clean and fully responsive design
  • Provides a range of styling options for each presets
  • Allows users to add custom CSS
  • Offers more than 20 style options
  • Offers 3 unique presets; card layout, table and list.
  • Easy to use interface.

Design of AWSM:

design of AWSM Team wordpress plugin

5. Team Builder

Team Builder wordpress plugin

Team Builder is another popular and versatile WordPress plugin that will help you create and manage a team showcase. Moreover, this plugin enjoys more than 7000 active installations with a 4.4-star rating. Want to know how?

Key Features Of Team Builder:

  • It has an easy to use interface, clean design and fully responsive
  • Allows user to add unlimited teams anywhere in the theme.
  • Offers 2 preset design template, 4 social profile integration and a slick front end and backend UI
  • Allows users to add and remove team items from backend quickly
  • It is compatible with all browsers
  • Integrated with drag and drop builder API
  • And much more…

Whereas, its TEAM pro features offers 5 team design presets, more than 50 sliders layout templates, more than 50 grid layout templates, more than 4 gridder layout, more than 2 table layout, more than 500 Google font integration and the list continues. Now, its up to you; avail the Team Builder free version or upgrade to PRO for $ 16.

Design of Team Builder:

Design of Team Builder wordpress plugin

6. WP Team showcase and Slider

WP Team showcase and Slider plugin

WP Team showcase and Slider is another remarkable plugin that can help you easily create and display your team members on your WordPress site. This plugin offers a wide range of customizable options; from several members to several columns and the amount of information you want to present.

Want to know more?

Key features of WP Team showcase and Slider:

  • Allows users to showcase their members in grid b=view and slider view using a shortcode.
  • It is fully responsive and offers social links
  • Enable popup for additional information
  • Offers 3 different layout designs
  • Easily and quickly present your team members title name, description, short bio, member department, member designation, skills, member experience, skills, member experience and social links.

However, it Premium version offers additional features; 25 stunning and fresh designs, 2 pop-up themes, add 2 shortcodes with various parameter and much more. Which version do you like the best? WP Team Showcase and Slider free version or WP Team Showcase and Slider PRO version?

Design of WP Team showcase and Slider:

Design of WP Team showcase and Slider plugin

7. Team Showcase

Team Showcase wordpress plugin

Team Showcase is the last recommendation on our list, but it’s worth the results. It is a popular and renowned plugin that has achieved more than 8000 active installations. it offers some neat features that others fail to deliver;  like drag and drop ordering for team members.

Key features of Team Showcase:

  • It Offers 4 different layout/ styles – grid layout, hovers grid, paper, table.
  • Offers different themes
  • Offers a wide range of customizable options for; the number of columns, image shapes, colors, and much more,
  • Offers AJAX category filter option
  • Allows users to embed via a shortcode, widget or PHP function
  • Allows user to create a new page for each team member.

Design of Team Showcase:

Design of Team Showcase wordpress plugin

Wrapping up

The seven WordPress team showcase plugins enlisted above are the best plugins to introduce your team members to your site. It offers an enticing and welcoming impact to your customers or visitors. It encourages visitors’ interaction level. Most importantly, incorporating any one of these plugins will keep your business organized.

So, what is your favorite WordPress team showcase plugin? Are you going to install its free version or premium version? Let us know in the comment section below.

Now you are all set to showcase team members on a WordPress site.