Blogging is a passion, that much we know.

Once in a while, though, everyone expects to make a little something from their blogs. That is when monetization kicks in.

One of the most common monetization models is provided by affiliate marketing. To get the best out of your campaign, you will need tools such as:

You can usually get the rest from the affiliate marketing platform you have signed up with. For the last pick on the list, though, we have some suggestions you would love.

Here are the top affiliate link plugins for WordPress to make your blogging and monetization even easier:

Top Affiliate Link Plugins

1.ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

For those who would like to simply manage their affiliate links better without all the fanfare, ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager provides all you need. The platform is very easy to use, providing the user with the basic functions for total operation out of the box. See our step-by-step guide on how to manage affiliate marketing program using ThirstyAffiliate.

Some of the most impressive features of this affiliate link plugin are:

  • Simplicity – It does not require any complex or lengthy set up process to work. It can be activated from the simple click of a button on your editor dashboard
  • Link Management – For those who have multiple affiliate programs running, links can be saves and grouped by their names
  • Smart Uncloaking – Some affiliate platforms (such as Amazon) do not like cloaked links. This plugin will uncloak your link at the other end, keeping you safe in the process
  • Click Tracking – Know how effective your affiliate links are to better optimize and place them by tracking the click rates, all from the comfort of this plugin
  • Personalized links – You can now have your affiliate links show up as an extension of your website name, making it more interesting to look at.

2.ShortLinks by Pretty Links

ShortLinks by Pretty Links

This plugin promises us shorter links. It is developed by Pretty Links. To cap all that off, this affiliate link plugin is also advertised as the best WordPress like racking plugin. You can follow our guide to cloak your affiliate links using Pretty Link plugin

If anything, we are fascinated already.

Fortunately, this plugin is not all bark and no bite. In fact, some of the defining features that earned it a spot on this list are:

  • Customized Link Shortening – You get to reduce the link length and mask your affiliate links under your website domain name. That helps to build credibility and trust from visitors who would be going to external pages from your website
  • Link Tracking – This feature allows you know how well your links are doing on the internet. Besides tracking the overall number of clicks, you also get to see the number of unique clicks on that link
  • Click details – Better than just seeing the number of clicks you got on a link, you can see more important details – the IP address where the click came from, the computer (OS) and browser, referring site, remote host and much more
  • Reporting – You can now download your hit details in CSV format. That allows you go over the details for better decision making, helping you optimize your content better for even more clicks.

3.Easy Affiliate Links

Easy Affiliate Links Plugin

Easy Affiliate Links is easily the ideal affiliate link plugin for people who have both cloaked and uncloaked affiliate links on their website. The plugin also understands that most marketers would want to track the impact of their campaigns.

To that end, this plugin automatically records the number of clicks you get per unique link on your website.

Having been redeveloped many times over the years, here are some of the current features of Easy Affiliate Links that makes it a great pick for us:

  • Editor Compatibility – This plugin works with the classic WordPress editor, and has also been customized to work well with the new Gutenberg Block Editor
  • Optional cloaking – You don’t have to cloak all the links on your website. For those you want to, ShortLinks will get the job done for you.
  • Smart Cloaking – You can leave some links uncloaked for websites (e.g. Amazon) which do not support such practices
  • Organization – You get to assign categories to your links, providing for better organization and management
  • Importing – You get to import your affiliate links from XML and CSV formats for use on the website.

4.Auto Affiliate Links

Auto Affiliate Links Plugin

Every other affiliate link plugin requires your input to work, but this affiliate link plugin takes that out of the way for you. In short, Auto Affiliate Links can extract and supply links from all of Amazon, Clickbank. ShareASale, eBay, Walmart and so on for you. We have elaborate this in details in our guide on how to add affiliate links automatically into your content.

If you don’t want the automatic service, you can also add the links manually. The plugin takes that a notch further, making suggestions that will help you increase your chances of getting clicks.

To summaries it all, you get:

  • Auto-management – You don’t need to always put in your affiliate links. The plugin is capable of extracting and getting that done for you by itself
  • Cloaking – You can choose to have your link cloaked or have them showing up the normal way.
  • Follow properties – Depending on the kind of model you run on your site, you can keep the links as a do-follow or no-follow.
  • Optimization suggestion – The plugin will suggest up to 100 most used keywords from your piece to help you better place your affiliate links.

Build Your Own Affiliate Network with Plugins

1.Affiliates WooCommerce Light

Affiliates WooCommerce Light Plugin

This is one of the most specialized affiliate link plugins on this list. As the name suggests, the plugin works best with the WooCommerce platform.

Affiliate WooCommerce Light also allows vendors manage their affiliate programs, affiliates and commission bases better. If there is anything you want to do as an affiliate market provider, you will get it within this plugin, see our guide of building your own affiliate network.

That, and many more like features like:

  • Integrates perfectly with WooCommerce on WordPress for the best experience
  • Creates automatic referrals for your affiliates whenever they make a sale
  • Getting to determine commission rates and pay-out models for your affiliates
  • Helping to boost your sales by giving you all the tools you need in one fell swoop

2.Affiliates Manager

Affiliates Manager plugin

This affiliate marketing plugin takes another approach in the kind of service it offers. It is not for those who are looking to make money as affiliates but those offering others the chance to become affiliates.

Thus, Affiliates Manager is one of the best affiliate program managing plugins if you have an e-commerce store of your own with products that can guarantee commissions to affiliates.

In one look, we can see that this plugin offers:

  • Functionality for vendors – Now, you can also join the league of internet marketers who create products for sale and have people promote it for them
  • Track affiliates – No matter the number of affiliates you have under your belt, you can track and manage them all from your dashboard
  • Commission management – You can set how you want to pay your affiliates from this dashboard. That could be a flat rate on every order or a percentage of orders that originated from their side
  • Integrations – This plugin integrates with all of PayPal, WooCommerce and plenty other needed tools for a seamless experience
  • Translation Ready – Don’t worry about the language your website is built in, or where your affiliates are from. The translation-ready plugin is compatible with more than ten languages


There you have it – all the best affiliate link plugins you might ever need.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to join an affiliate network or create one for yourself. With these picks, you can be sure your affiliate business is in good management.

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