Creating and adding an image collage to a WordPress post or page has never been easier.

With Easy Image Collage, a free WordPress plugin you can with ease spice up your page or post or just about any custom type with responsive image collages.

easy image plugin for wordpress

In this article, we shall show you how to create and add an image collage to a post of a WordPress website.

Step by Step: How to create an image collage in a WordPress post or page?

Install Easy Image Collage plugin

Login to the admin area of your WordPress website, in the search bar, enter Easy Image Collage.

When the results load, look for Easy Image Collage, it should be on top of the results as in the image below.

Click the Install Now button, give it a few seconds, then Click Activate.

install easy image wordpress plugin

Create an image collage

Once the plugin is activated, you are now ready to create an image collage.

Open the post or page you want to add your image collage to. Here I am using the new Gutenberg editor.

Click the add Blocks Icon on your post or page. Under layout Elements, you should see Easy Image Collage. Alternatively, start typing it in the search box, then click Easy Image collage.

create an image collage in a post

Click on Create new Image Collage.

create new image collage

On the popup screen you are presented, choose the layout for your image collage.

choose image collage layout

Next, you can add images to your collage. Hover over each grid, then click the picture Icon.

add images to the collage

You are then taken to the WordPress media library, where you can upload pictures from your computer or choose images from your media library.

add images from WordPress media library

After selecting your image, do not forget to click Choose Image.

The picture will be added to your collage, continue to add images to all the grids.

To change a picture in a grid, hover over the grid then click the Image icon to change the picture.

change images in a grid

When you are through adding pictures to your grid,  Click finish on the upper right corner.

finish adding images to the collage

You can also go back to the previous step to change the layout by clicking – change the layout on the top left.

When you click Finish, You are taken back to your post or page, where you can continue creating your post.

Tweak the image collage

If you need to make a change to your image collage, click the pencil icon above the image collage block. See the image below.

make changes to the image collage

If you are satisfied with everything, then publish the page to view your image collage as will be seen by your visitors.

The image collage on post will look like this from the front end.

publish the image collage

If you do not like the look of your final product, go back and edit the collage. You change the layout of your collage and also tinker with the grid options to get what you want.

tweak the image collage

I skipped discussing the grid settings earlier as it would not have made sense then. I hope it can be more evident now.

  1. Grid width – Magnifies the whole image collage.
  2. Grid ration – Shrinks the image collage
  3. Border width – Slide to the left for a borderless picture and further to the right to increase the borders between the images. If you are using a border, you can also set the color of your borders.

The grid alignment positions the image collage on the page depending on your settings. This can be centered, which is the default, or positioned to the right or left.

There are other several settings you could make, but, most of these are only available for the premium version of the plugin users.

Create many posts with the same setting for image collages

If you are creating many posts or pages with the same settings for your image collage, then define all these settings in the settings page, when you now build your posts or pages, you will not need to make modifications on each post you create.

To access the settings page, Navigate to Easy Image Collage, under settings on your left menu.

easy image plugin settings

Set your default settings here; you can define the grid alignment, grid width, Grid Ratio, Border width, and border color.

This ideally is the same settings as the ones on your post or page collage edit screen.

set the same collage for many posts

Next, you can add a Lightbox. This creates a clickable image that opens the image in a popup form.

Under social media, you can add a Pinterest button that is when your visitors hover over the image.

add a Pinterest button to the image

Captions and Custom Links are only available on premium packages.

Custom code;  you can enter your code here.

enter custom code

The Utility tab provides you a place to import and export your image collages or restore the plugin settings to its default settings.

easy image plugin utility tab


We have created a beautiful and responsive image collage. You should also be able to add them on to your posts or pages.

You could also check with your theme, latest WordPress themes and page builders do provide many elements that one can use to create a compelling image collage on a WordPress page or post.

Besides your theme and page builder, most grid plugins will allow you to create an image collage.

If you do have any queries or thoughts, you can leave them in the comment section below.

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