Admin Menu Editor is a plugin that allows you to edit the WordPress admin menu. If you have ever wanted to hide, reorder or change the capabilities of the WordPress admin menu, the Admin Menu Editor plugin is built exactly for that. The plugin gives you full control over the WordPress admin menu. It has a number of useful features such as hiding menus from users by role, changing menu colors, hiding the plugins, hiding the admin bar and many others. We will take a detailed look at the plugins features.

Why You Need Admin Menu Editor.

Admin Menu editor plugin

The plugin can come in handy in a number of situations. You can use it to hide admin menu items from users by role, you can use it for better branding for your websites by editing the look and feel of the admin menu and finally you can also use it to better organize the menu items. For example you can reorder items that you often access to the top and others that you don’t need you can either hide them or show them below useful ones. The WordPress theme options menu is a good example of menu items that you might not access, most probably once you have installed the theme and activated you will not need this.

Hands on Admin Menu Editor

Installing the plugin is simple just like any other WordPress plugin. Log in to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to plugins > add new and search for Admin Menu editor. Install and activate the plugin.

Install and activate Admin Menu Editor plugin

To start customizing the menu navigate to Settings > Menu editor.

The plugin gives you various options to edit the WordPress admin menu.

Admin Menu Editor plugin menu


Reorder the admin menu

To reorder the menu items you simply need to drag and drop individual menu items to the desired position, you can also reorder sub menu items and re-class sub menu items as well. This is a handy feature to have and you can easily increase your productivity with this by arranging frequently accessed items in easier to access positions. For example if you have an Woocommerce website you can make orders to be the first item to help you access these faster.

Reorder the admin menu

Change menu icons

The plugin comes with over 600 icons and you can easily change or add icons to the WordPress menu. You can add icons to the sub menu as well. The icons are from font awesome but you can upload png versions of your own icons as well.

change the menu icons

Change menu colors

This is a pro version feature but a good one that you can utilize to increase your productivity. You can put frequently accessed items in a stand out colour from the rest, this will save you time when looking for these menu items. You can edit the background color, text color and highlight color.

Change menu colors

Create new menu items 

The plugin allows you to create new menu items, these can be links to editable posts or pages or non-clickable items which you can use to group items together. You can create section headers using this feature.

Create new menu items

Hide menu from user roles

This is also a pro feature but very useful. It allows you to hide menu items from WordPress users based on their roles. It can come in handy if you don’t want to give access to some sections of your admin menu to certain users. An example would be if you have somebody who only needs to post new content, why give them access to reading and writing settings?

Hide menu from user roles

Hide Plugins

You can hide individual plugins on the plugins page from other users. It can be used when you don’t want certain users to be able to edit plugins that you have installed.

Hide plugins

Rebrand WordPress

This feature is only available via an add-on for this plugin. It allows you to rebrand or whitelabel WordPress. Using this add-on you can change the WordPress logo, customize the login page and change admin color skin as well. You can also hide WordPress update notifications.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Install
  • Easy to use
  • Many handy features
  • Easily import and export WordPress admin menus



There are many plugins available that can help you edit the WordPress admin menu. This plugin stands out from the rest by offering a number of neat features that others don’t have. It has over 300,000 active installs and has been downloaded millions of times. It has a 4.5 star rating on its official download page.

Now you know how to edit WordPress admin menu, you may also want to change and edit the navigation menu on your site to better your onsite navigation.