Publish Your Posts From Your WordPress Blog To Various Social Media Networks Automatically With The Help Of A Remarkable WordPress Social Media Auto Publish Plugin

Do you know social media presence help businesses grow at a substantial rate as compared to other marketing strategies?

Social media automation services are gaining popularity in the online world due to their remarkable results. They are helping beginners and even fully grown companies earn high rewards and profits. Within a short period, they are attracting customer and creating a sublime presence in the online world.

Do you want to attract and retain your customers in a stance?

If yes, then you need social media presence. Content marketing and social media campaign had created wonders for businesses. All you have to do is; write content and share it on various social media platforms. There you have it; you attain visibility and engagement from your visitors.

Remember, just creating that excellent content is not enough; you need visitors to view that content. You need visibility, you need traffic; thus you need social media automation services.

You can achieve all that through a simple process; install Social Media Auto Publish Plugin.

install social media auto post plugin

WordPress is bombarded with numerous credible social media automation plugins, but choosing the right one is definitely a crucial task. If you ask our opinion, we would suggest Social Media Auto Publish Plugin; it is one of the best plugins in the WordPress repository.

Within this article, we will assist you in providing all the information you require about this remarkable plugin.

Let’s look into detail, why there is so much hustle and bustle about Social Media Auto Publish Plugin?

Why Do You Need WordPress Social Media Auto Publish Plugin?

Publishing your WordPress posts to social networks is a growing need today. However, scheduling, managing, publishing and customizing your content on social media platforms is crucial. This ambiguity is resolved through an automated process; installing Social Media Auto Publish Plugin. This plugin will help you link your social media accounts to your website. You can customize and make changes in the setting and adjust it according to your needs. This remarkable WordPress plugins allows its users to create a post and publish it. Moreover, the content you create will automatically post on various social media account.

Thereby, more people will find your content; you will have more visitors and thus heavy traffic on your site. This will lead to more conversion rate, high profits, sales, and revenues.

Your business will reach a high position, compete with competitors, and earn high rewards.

It is offering much much more.

Features of Social Media Auto Publish Plugin

Social Media Auto Publish Plugin allows its users to publish posts automatically from its blog to various social media networks.

It is offering a wide variety of features for its users:

  1. Share posts, format message, share a link and publish messages with images on Facebook.

facebook settings

  1. Offers three kinds of filter settings; enable/ disable publish of WordPress pages, publish filter posts based on categories and filter based on custom post types
  2. Share posts, format messages and publish messages with images on Twitter.

twitter settings

  1. Customize post title, description and excerpts, permalinks, blog title, nice name, post ID and post publish date according to their needs.
  2. Share posts, format messages and publish messages with images on LinkedIn.

linkedin settings

  1. Allows a wide variety of publishing option while creating a post on the three social media platforms.

general settings

Pros And Cons of Social Media Auto Publish Plugins

Social Media Auto Publish plugin is a recommendable plugin that has attained a 4-star rating and has more than 10,000 active installations. Let’s look into some benefits that its users are enjoying:

Pros Of Installing Social Media Auto Publish Plugin

Social media auto publish plugin is helping businesses create social media presence but there are certain limitation attached with this remarkable plugin. Let’s look at some of the critics it is facing:

Cons Of Installing Social Media Auto Publish Plugin

  • Users need to create a separate application with each profile to connect to their account
  • The free version offers only basic services.
  • Over usage of the plugin may lead to low engagement and reach

Wrapping Up

Social media automation services have created hype in the online market. With the help of this tool, users are not only sharing their blog posts on social media sites, but they are driving more traffic.

So, if you are planning to use this plugin, go ahead. With the help of this WordPress Plugin, you will attract, and retain your customer. This is one of the best tools to create your customer’s loyalty in the online world.

Don’t forget to tell which version did you install? Comment in the section below.

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