Reviving your old posts on your WordPress site and sharing them on social networks can promote your content and drive traffic to your site.

Your best posts that helped you attain heavy traffic may be ending up in your archives. You need to post them again; it might bring you some organic search traffic. Searching for those old posts and posting them manually can be a challenging task, and reaching those old posts, tweets is a hassle and involves a lot of time. Do you have time to scroll down every post you have made on Facebook? Do you have the capacity to search for the best tweets you made in your twitter account 2 years back?

Revive Old Post plugin, one of the most reliable WordPress plugins that can automatically share your old posts. This remarkable plugin will bring together your old posts and help you manage your legitimate social media schedule. To create a stance in the online world or creating a bang on social media platforms is no more an easy game, you need to share relevant content consistently, keep your customers enact with your new promotions, features, and others,  You also need to attract your customers and appeal to them and retain them.

Revive Old Posts plugin

Be vigilant! Save your time, your energy and your effort and invest it efficiently by integrating an incredible WordPress plugin. Yes, you are right! Revive old posts WordPress plugin is the right one you are looking for!

Let’s look into it on detail. This article will entail all the relevant information you need about revive old posts. Want to give a look?

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Features Of Revive Old Posts Plugin

Revive old posts plugin is one of the remarkable social media auto publish plugins that can help you share your new and old posts on various social media networks. It is straightforward to install and best for beginners. So, all those newbies if you are in search of a reliable plugin that can help you ease your problem. Then, this plugin is the right one for you. It is free and is offering various features; install it today and enjoy unlimited benefits.

Whereas, if you are a developer; this tool still holds the pro version offers a host of new features that can help you improve your social traffic.

Now, look into features this incredible plugin is offering to its user.

Free Version Features

Are you attracted to the features it is offering?

You will be mesmerized with its premium version features.

Want to give a snippet preview?

Pro Version Features

So which one do you like better? Free or pro version?

If you want a comparison of the critical features of the free version and pro version. Then, the table below is your life saver. Compare below and choose the right version for yourself.

revive old posts features

Pros And Cons Of Revive Old Posts Plugins

Pros of Revive Old Posts

1. Connect to three different social accounts in a minute

Revive old posts allows you to connect to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn within a few seconds. Click on the main tab and choose your setting your way.

review old posts settings

2. Helps you manage time and number of posts you want to share

If you go to their general setting page, you can easily choose how many times you want to post your content. It offers its users with various sharing option, such as:

  • The minimum interval between shares
  • Minimum and maximum  age of post to be eligible for sharing
  • Number of posts to share
  • Share old posts more than once
  • Post type

Revive old posts general settings

Choose your setting and within a minute get connected to your social media accounts.

Isn’t that amazing?

3. Offer its users to format their posts

  • Format your posts your way.
  • You may include a hashtag or username in the tweets.
  • Use a URL shortener to shorten your tweets
  • Customize your page using post length customization and additional text inclusion option
  • Offer its users to navigate to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn freely.

format posts

4. Custom scheduling and pro features

If you want to avail custom scheduling features, you need to pay for their pro version. Once paid you will be directed to custom scheduling page.

custom post schedule

Now you can choose the interval time, the minimum time between shares and even select posts you want to send throughout the week.

Cons Of Revive Old Posts

Doesn’t offer many features

Revive old posts is comparatively new WordPress plugin; thus it is not providing a diverse range of features. Even though it is offering the basic essential ones that are important, but it is failing in delivering a competitive edge. Therefore, to reach that exalted position, it needs to enroll in more feature.

Wrapping up

It is true that Revive Old Posts is not offering a wide range of features. In a way, it’s okay. Since it’s saving you from clutter. Whether you opt for its free version or premium. This plugin is catering well to the needs of the customers and helping newbie and developers both revive their old posts on various social media platforms. It can help you create a stance in the online world, help you build social media presence and help you share your content automatically.

Let us know in the comment section, which version is your favorite? Free version or premium version?

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