Are you getting yourself set to host a podcast and are looking for a publishing platform?  You could consider hosting your podcast on your WordPress website with a seriously simple podcasting plugin.

Saving yourself huge expenses on some of the traditional podcast hosting platforms.

I will take you through how to install, configure it and get your podcast launched, in say 10-20 minutes.

Podcasting wordpress podcast plugin

Step by Step: How to install seriously simple podcasting plugin?

Search for seriously simple podcasting in the WordPress plugin repo, then click Install Now and activate.

Install podcasting plugin

Once activated, on the menu click Podcast

Podcasting plugin menu

Go to the Settings for configuration and also provide data for your podcast.

Podcasting general settings

From the general settings, select the podcast post types where podcast functions are enabled. This not required for the podcasts to work.

Down further as seen in the screen below, set the media player locations, Media Player Position, Media Player visibility, Media Player style.

Podcasting general settings 2

Style the media player and then click save settings.

Podcasting saving settings

Under the Feed details tab enter the data that your listeners will see before they subscribe.

The fields are optional, but it is a good idea that you set these.

You have the podcast title – the default title is that of your WordPress website, choose the categories, language, cover photo and more.

Podcasting settings feed details

Secure your podcast feed with a password to restrict access under the Security tab – that is if you need to.

Podcasting feed security settings

The publishing Tab has the links you can share and publish your podcasts.

The links should work with any podcasting service.

podcasting settings feeds publishing


Under the hosting tab, you can connect your WordPress website to Castos to host your podcasts.

Enter Castos credentials here.

Podcasting settings hosting credentials validating

Enter the email name you used to create your Castos account – if you do not have one, scroll down to learn how to do that.

Under settings in Castos grab the API token, it should look like this.

Podcasting hosting api settings

When you have provided the hosting details, click the Validate credentials button to validate, and then Click Save settings.

Podcasting settings hosting creds validating succeeded

Creating a Castos account

Seriously simple podcasting can run on Castos podcasting hosting platform.

If you need a hosted solution with your audio files hosted on Castos, then you will need an account with them.

From the plugin page, Click the Signup today button.

Podcasting signup

Castos, comes with a 14-day trial, for pricing check this chart.

Podcasting pricing

When you click Signup today button, you will are taken to the Castos website where you should click Start your free trial


On the next screen supply your details for the account to be created.

Note: You will be asked to provide credit card details. You are only charged after the 14days

After creating the account, on the next page, enter a title for your podcast page, then enter a slug used to create a subdomain under for your podcast page.

Since we are going to use WordPress, select the WordPress option for publishing your content.

Click Update Podcast info after that.


You should see a success notice after updating podcast info


Hosting a podcast

To create and host a podcast, go to the menu, under Podcast, click Add New

Podcasting add a new podcast

Enter the Episode title and a description for context for your listeners or viewers.

Then, provide the podcast episode details. Set if it is audio or video, then upload the file or enter a URL to the podcast file

podcasting settings hosting add title

You can enter the duration, and the file size, though they can be automatically calculated and added.

Enter the date recorded and select if the episode is explicit and.

Podcasting settings hosting add more

Following the example above creating a podcast about backing up with WPvivid

Podcasting podcast created

After publishing and viewing the podcast episode page, I have this.

Podcasting podcast published


This article has shown you how to install and configure seriously simple podcasting to host podcasts on your WordPress website for free.

If you want a hosted platform, Castos seamlessly works with seriously simple podcasting starting at $199 per year.

Honestly, I do not see the need to pay hefty fees like that when cloud hosting costs have dropped down drastically. But, that is your call.

You could also consider PowerPress Podcasting plugin by Blubrry for hosting your podcasts on WordPress. And more options and details are in our list of the best free podcast plugins to help start a Podcast on your WordPress site.

A podcast hosting account is one part, the other part is what you need actually to start recording and producing your podcasts, there is a great article at that lists what gear you may need.

What do you think one need to host podcasts successfully? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.