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Incremental backup

Additional database backup

 Database backup encryption

 Powerful schedule engine

 Send backups to multiple cloud storage

 Included/excluded strategy (files/folders/file types)

 Advanced Auto-migration (customize everything to migrate)

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Trusted by 13,000+ Happy Customers

More than 13,000 + users have taken advantage of WPvivid plugins to make their life easier!

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13,000 +

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Backup & Migration Should Be Like This

Set It & Forget It

WPvivid handles your backups automatically with the combination of incremental backups and regular schedules, giving you full flexibility when scheduling your backups.

Flexible Schedules

Set up flexible backup schedules, individual schedules for files and database, which can cover pretty much all your need for any backup cycles.

Data Safety & Security

WPvivid backups will keep your website data from being lost. And the database backup encryption feature will protect your data from being peeped and cracked.

Migration - So Easy

Advanced auto-migration allows you to move custom(wp and non-wp) directories and tables. Safely and reliably migrate your website to another host at any time.

Advanced Backup Engine

The ability to include/exclude folders, exclude files of certain types from a backup, back up extra databases and tables.


Back up the entire site, all files, or the database only.


Custom files backups and database tables(wp & non-wp) backups, incremental backups, auto-backup before update, WordPress MU support and more.

Advanced Migration Engine

Three migration methods including auto migration (site to site), manual migration (upload to target site), migrating via remote storage (site to cloud to target site), and the content of migration depending on the backup generated by advanced backup engine.


Basic website migration options, auto migration or manual migration.


Auto migration, manual migration, or migration via cloud storage, custom migration content, WordPress MU migration, or migrate a MU subsite to a single site.

Advanced Schedule Engine

A wide range of backup schedule types including general schedule, incremental schedules, separate schedules for files and database.  


Create a basic backup schedule, save backups to localhost or cloud storage.


Multiple backup schedules, incremental backup schedules, custom backup content, custom schedule start time and timezone, specify cloud storage for a backup schedule, set multiple email addresses to receive backup reports.

Off-site Backup

Set unique backup folders for each website for easy management. Specify multiple storage for one backup to get redundant backups.

Besides Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Amason S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, FTP and SFTP, the pro version also supports Wasabi, pCloud, Backblaze and more top storage are coming soon.


Save backups to leading cloud storage.

More cloud storage support, custom backup folder for each site, set backup retention for each cloud storage, encrypted storage credentials, custom FTP port number. 

Database Backup Encryption

Encrypt database backups with a password to protect your clients personal data, which is especially useful in the context of GDPR.


Need extra encryption for backups to implement GDPR compliance.


Set a password to encrypt database backups to comply with GDPR.

Advanced Restoration

Automatically restore a website with one click. Choose the content to restore, e.g., restore specific folders or database tables. Reset current WP site to a fresh installation before a full backup restoration.


Restore a website from local backups.


Custom restoration, restore a website from cloud storage, reset WordPress before restoration. 

More Advanced Features 

Multisite Support

Back up and migrate the entire MU network. Migrate a subsite in MU to standalone WordPress install.

Roles & Capabilities

Choose to show/hide plugin modules to users with different roles. Administrator(s) can access everything.

White label

Replace WPvivid branding with yours and present WPvivd Backup Pro functionalities to your clients as your own service. Read more


Create a copy of themes, plugins and WordPress core files before you run a update. So you can easily rollback in a disaster situation.

Multi-Email Notification

Notify you of backup results via email. You can add email addresses to get notification when a backup is successful or fails, and add a comment to the report for easy identification.

Advanced Backup Retention Rules

Separate retention rules for different backup destinations(local or cloud) and backup types(incremental, database and other backups)


WPvivid Backup & Migration plugin are rated 4.9 out of 5.0 based on 400+ reviews!

Fantastic migration and backup tool

I’m very impressed with this plugin! It’s definitely a game changer and worth the switch for anyone using an existing backup or migration tool. Backup and migration are both very important, so it’s great to feel confident the job is done right with this plugin. I’ve tried a lot of different plugins for backup/migration over the years and this is easily the best by far!

The only thing I wish it had is the ability to use filter hooks to exclude files and directories. If you have the pro version you can do this through the UI, but as a developer I want to block the same folder (node_modules) and files (backup.sql file) in every project, so it would be very handy to be able to just include a filter for these in my base theme.

5 stars


Best backup plugin right now

Super happy with this product. Not only does it work smoothly and provide all the options for FREE, including daily, weekly, or monthly backups of various site data, but it also allows for cloud backups to BOTH Google Drive and MS OneDrive. That’s a big deal for me because my Google Drive is too full. Supports FTP and SFTP as well.

Top notch. Their Pro version is impressive too; with it you can do incremental backups, creating a STAGING SITE (when have you ever seen a backup plugin with that?), handle multiple schedules, and more.

5 stars

Game writer

The Best of All Backups

I have bought different types of backups plugin but when I was recommended to try WPvivid backup it blew my mind it was so easy local, various remote and migration backups which are paid in other backups plugins. I highly recommend WPvivid Backup.


Best plugin for migration

I recommend this plugin to everyone that asks about migrating their website. This is the only plugin I use for it. The only problem I have is sometimes it wont work with Local by Flywheel. But that problem could very well be Flywheels.

Dave Stevens

Replaces my previous backup system

I am very happy. I was able to get a lifetime price. It replaces every feature of my previous backup plugin. No more renewing license. I love being able to use it so easily for staging.


Great tool and support too

Very good tool, lots of options, good for staging sites too. Great support as well – even on free version.


Love it!

I bought a lifetime license I am so happy I did, a quality product at an amazing price. Well done guys!


super useful

worth to buy it!


Almost too good to be true!

It’s an excellent option! It saves my life every day!
Thanks for sharing a plugin that is SUPERB, even in the free version!


Hands Down the best Backup Plugin

I had to revert a couple of plugins due to their buggy updates and since I had invested in Vivid Backup and had enabled backups before updating plugins, It just saved the day. Appreciate the effort of the makers and also Dave Swift from Profitable Tools who recommended it hands down.


Bye Bye Updraft Hello WpVivid

This has more options than a Lincoln Towncar. I especially love the incremental backups to remote storage of my choice.

I’ve migrated dozens of sites without a hitch. If you can grab a lifetime deal even better!

5 stars


Solid plugin!

I have been using WPVivid Backup Pro in several WordPress installations for some time now. It’s easy to use, realiable and the staging option is a blessing.

In addition, the possibility to manage backups for different installations combining MainWP and this plugin is a big win.

I am no using any other backup plugin at present, this one meets all my current needs, including incremental backups. And then some more.


WoW – Works and Customer Service was great

I really borked a site tonight. Had to rebuild it from scratch. Filed a ticket and with what I thought were the correct steps. Nicholas came back with a refined list. Followed it and Boom! It restored safely from my Vivid backups. The fact the ticket was answered several times late at night Central US was completely unexpected.


The ULTIMATE backup Solution for SME’s

WOOOOOOW!Impressive backup plugin. I have experience with both Updraftplus Free + Pro.

One of my sites has a DB of 500MB and the site total size is approximately 5GB

. I literally did a restore in about 5 minutes flat.

Compatible with LiteSpeed.
As fast as Flash. Impressive.

By the way, did I mention that the FREE SUPPORT is TOTALLY AWESOME! Thank you for truly providing a DECENT backup solution other than updraftplus!

Brad Johnson

Perfect UpdraftPlus Contender!

I’d like to see this tool become as successful as it deserves to be. It offers already so many goodies out of the box… pretty amazing. Also, the Pro version offers some really nice additional perks! The staging alone is worth the investment. If the communication and setup of staging continues on this path you can run a great setup with just a few clicks while backing it up and keeping it save in the cloud. Thumbs up and support the author by going PRO!

Max Ziebell

Comprehensive Backup Plugin

I’m using the PRO version of the plugin and it works flawlessly. It’s a very comprehensive piece of software, very well structured and documented.

The best thing is an INCREMENTAL backup option and easy setup for the remote storage backups.


Works Like A CHARM!

Amazing Backup product. Love it and I’ve upgraded to support the author! This is a must-have plugin for running WordPress websites!



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