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Backup: Exclude WordPress Files/Folders and Database Tables

Exclude specific files/folders and database tables from a backup, or exclude files of certain types.

Backup: Include Non-WordPress Files/Folders and Web Databases

You can even choose to include non-wordpress files/folders and web databases when taking a backup.

Incremental Backups

Set up an incremental backup schedule, so the plugin will only back up files that are newly created or changed since the last full backup, which saves you great server resources and disk space.

Create Incremental Backups WordPress

Create Multiple Backup Schedules

You can set up as many general backup schedules as you want, which is very useful when you need to back up different parts of a website at different frequencies.

Create Multiple Backup Schedules

Multiple Migration Methods

WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro offers 3 ways for migrating a WordPress website:

1. Direct site-to-site migration (auto migration)

2. Migration by uploading a backup

3. Migration via remote storage

3 Migration Methods WordPress

Store Backups in Leading Cloud Storage

Connect to and store your backups in leading cloud storage including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, s3-Compatible storage, FTP, SFTP, Wasabi, pCloud, and Backblaze.

Backup to Leading Cloud Storage

Auto-Backup Before Update

Automatically back up plugins, themes, WordPress core and entire database before you update them. So if something goes wrong with the update, you can quickly rollback.

You can choose to exclude database tables from these auto backups.

Auto Backup Before Update

Flexible Backup Retention Rules

Set how many backups to retain in local and cloud by backup types(manual, scheduled, incremental, and rollback).

You can even enable special retention settings for specific cloud storage.

WPvivid Backup Retention Settings

Roles & Capabilities

Specify a super administrator to manage user access to WPvivid modules/features based on user roles: Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber.

Roles Capabilities WPvivid

White Label WPvivid Plugins

Replace WPvivid branding on the plugin UI with your own brand name and present WPvivd Backup Pro functionalities to your clients as your own service.

White Label WPvivid

Multi-Email Notification

Set up one or multiple email addresses to receive backup reports. You can choose to get notified when a backup completes, or only when it fails, and customize the report subject for each site for easy identification.

Multi-Email Notification

WordPress Multisite Support

Back up the entire WordPress multisite network or migrate it to another multisite, or migrate a subsite in a multisite network to a standalone WordPress install.

WordPress Multisite Backup

Comment A Backup

Add a comment to a backup for easy identification.

Add A Comment on A Backup

Specify Cloud Storage for A Manual Backup

When creating a manual backup, you can choose to send the backup to a specific cloud storage, or all cloud storage.

Specify Cloud Storage for Manual Backup

Calculate Database & Files Sizes

Calculate sizes of the database and files to be backed up.

Calculate Database Files Sizes

Clean Disk Space Manually or through A Schedule

Clean up web-server disk space that WPvivid Backup Plugin has used in 1-click. Or, set up a schedule to automatically do the cleaning work.

Clean Server Disk

Delete Outdated Backups

Immediately delete outdated backups in 1-click according to the backup retention policy you have set up.

Delete Outdated Backups

Customize Local Backup Directory

Customize the name of the folder where your backups are stored locally on the web server.

Customize Local Backup Folder

Customize Backup Timezone

WPvivid Backup & Migration Pro uses the website’s local time for all backups, you can customize it by changing the website timezone.

Set Backup Timezone

Lock A Backup

When taking a manual backup, you have the option to lock it so it won’t be automatically deleted by your backup retention settings.

Lock A Manual Backup

Export/Import WPvivid Settings

You can export WPvivid plugin settings from website A, then import it to website B. The exported settings includes the plugin settings, cloud storage settings, and backup schedule settings.

Export Import WPvivid Settings

Database Backups Encryption

Encrypt your database backups by setting up a password, so no one would be able to decrypt and restore the database without knowing your password. This feaure helps you stay compliant with GDPR.

Database Backups Encryption

Customize Backup Schedules

When setting up a backup schedule, you can customize everything including the backup content, backup start time, even specify cloud storage for a backup schedule.

Customize Backup Schedules

Specify Cloud Storage for Backup Schedules

When creating a backup schedule, you can choose to send the scheduled backups to a specific cloud storage, or all cloud storage.

Specify Cloud Storage for Backup Schedules

Custom Backup Folder for Each Site

Store backups of different website in their own folder in a cloud storage, which helps easily distinguish and manage backups if you are backing up many sites into a single cloud storage.

Custom Backup Folder for Each Site

Send Backups to Multiple Storage

You can choose to send a backup to multiple cloud storage for an extra layer of  safety.

Send Backup to Multiple Cloud Storage

Special Retention for Each Cloud Storage

Besides the global retention settings, you can even enable special backup retention settings for each cloud storage which has higher prioirty.

Special Backup Retention Settings for Cloud Storage

Auto Migration

Send a backup of the source site directly to the destination site and restore, which is the fastest migration way between two sites on the same data center or server.

Auto Migration WPvivid

Manual Transfer

Download a backup of the source site and upload it to the destination site and restore, which is the most stable migration way.

Manual Transfer WPvivid

Migration via Remote Storage

Send a backup of the source site to cloud storage and restore it on the destination site, which works for all situations.

Migration via Cloud Storage

Custom Migration Content

Customize what to migrate from the source site to the destination site:

1. Exclude specific files/folders, files of certain types, or database tables.

2. Include non-wordpress files/folders, even web databases.

Custom Migration Content

Send Debug Zip

Ask for support by sending us the debug information from your website in 1 click.

Send Debug Zip

Unused Image Cleaner

Scan your website’s media library for any image that is not being used on the site, and isolate and delete unused images. This helps free up your server space and improve your website performance.

Unused Image Cleaner WPvivid

Database Snapshots

Quickly create a snapshot of your WordPress database, and restore the database from a snapshot. A snapshot is especially useful when you test database-related changes.

Database Snapshots WPvivid

Quick Snapshots

Immediately create a database snapshot in 1 click, no matter on which page of the site you are, no need to switch to the snapshot plugin.

Quick Snapshots WPvivid

Export/Import Pages

Export posts or pages in bulk from a WordPress site, inlcuding posts, pages, comments, terms and images (original images, featured images and thumbnails), and import them to a new site.

Export Pages Posts

Url Replacement Tool

Do a quick domain/url replacement in the database, so there is no need to perform a database migration.

URL Replacing Tool

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