Pre-Sales FAQ

We’re enlisting some of the most frequently asked pre-sales questions below and making answers to them.

1.What are the good things in pro version?

As everybody sees, WPvivid Backup plugin has covered everything for free in the community version, which is more than sufficient for most WordPress users to keep backups of their sites.

For those who expect more customization options and advanced enhancements on top of the free version. You can have a good understanding of them from full features comparison between free and pro version.

2.How to activate WPvivid Backup Pro?

Here is our step-by-step guide to activate WPvivid Backup Pro.

3.How long can I access updates and support?

You will have annual access namely one-year or lifetime access to updates and support, depending on which subscription period you choose.

4.How to resubscribe?

To resubscribe, go to My Account >> Your subscription status >> Actions >> Click “Resubscribe”.

5.How many sites can I use a license for?

You can use a license for 3, 100, or unlimited websites, depending on which plan you choose.

6.Do you provide a trial or refund?

Yes. We provide a 14-day free trial with no credit card needed. Also, we offer 100% refund within 30 days after purchase, no question asked. Learn more…

7. Can I upgrade or downgrade a purchased plan?

The option is not available yet. But we are working on it and will enable it in a further release.

8.Are there any discounts available for renewal?

Yes. We give a generous 40% off discount for renewals of all plans of subscriptions

9.Can I reuse a licence for different sites within it’s expiration?

For personal plan: It’s limited. In order to avoid abuse of the personal version, we have set 3 days for you to deactivate after you activate a website.

For freelancer or higher plan: Yes. You can easily do this by unbinding the license from the previous websites and reactivating it on new ones, without a limit.

10.What happens if I choose not to renew after a year?

It’s sad to see. But you can still use the pro version, without any barriers. You just will not receive updates and support for the pro.

11.Are there any tutorials I can follow to get started?

Yes, you can find our easy-to-follow guides on Pro Docs page.

12. I have more questions…

Please feel free to contact us using the form here.