About WPvivid Backup Plugin

WPvivid Backup Plugin is a free plugin designed for backing up WordPress site. 

Other Cloud Storage Supported

We support the top rated cloud storage providers and are working hard to keep adding more.



Google Drive

Microsoft OneDrive

Amazon S3

DigitalOcean Spaces

WPvivid Backup Plugin allows you to back up WordPress site to your remote storage via FTP.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

Step 1. Download and install WPvivid backup plugin

Login WordPress back-end (admin dashboard), enter ‘add plugins’ page (admin dashboard -> plugins ->add new)

Add new plugins

Type the keyword ‘WPvivid’ on ‘Add plugins page’, install and activate it.

Search WPvivid Plugin

Step 2. Add your FTP storage

Create ftp connection

Step 3. Enable Schedule Backup and Configure settings

 auto backup to ftp server

Step 4. Finished. WPvivid backup plugin will back up your site automatically to FTP server.


Backup WordPress Site by WPvivid Features

Easy to Use

Create or restore a backup of your website with one click.

Full Control

Set a size limit for each file. Files exceeding the size limit will not be backed up.

Large Database Support

Successfully  tested on up to 2GB database size.

Optimized for any host

Improve you backup success rate by creating backups based on your host limits.

Backup Limits

Freedom to set up to how many backup copies you want to keep on your servers.

Backup Splitting

Ability to split your backups into as many parts as you need, comes in handy if you have size limits.

No Limit of Backup Size

The only limits are your cloud storage and hosting account sizes. We do not limit you.

Backup to Localhost

Ability to create local backups.

Clean Temp Files

Cleanup all the temporary and junk files created during the backup and restoration process.

Schedule Automated Backups

Multiple backup schedule frequencies: every 12 hours, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly.

Backup what you want

You are free to choose what to backup; the entire site, files or just the database only.

Download Backup

Want a local copy on your PC? Download your backups from your web server or cloud storage to your local devices.

Instant Email Report

Get Notified by email on the status of your back up after completion.

Log Files

The plugin keeps a trail of activities during the backup and restorations so you can easily troubleshoot it. If you need our help we shall ask you to send us this file.

Responsive Design

It works on all devices, phones tablets, PCs.

WordPress MU Support

Coming soon.