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Migrate A WordPress Multisite Network

W Pvivid Backup Pro provides the ability to migrate the entire MU network like a normal WP site. Currently it only supports the migration of Multisite that uses a subdirectory structure.

Please note:

  1. To migrate a WordPress multisite, please make sure that the target site is a new WordPress multisite installation. There is no other specific settings are needed.
  2. The Wordfence plugin needs to be temporarily deactivated or uninstalled before you start migration, because Wordfence will write some absolute paths in the .htaccess file that may cause problems when replacing the .htaccess file.
  3. By default, the migration will replace the themes, plugins, uploads, database and/or other files and directories(except the wp-config file) of the target site.

Method 1: Auto Migration

Please note: Auto migration can not be used when migrating to local computers. That is becasue the private IP of a localhost can not be reached by an external network. In that case, we would recommend you to use the manual migration as described later.

1. Install WPvivid Backup Pro on both main master websites.

2. Generate a key on the destination website.

3. Return to the source site,  go to WPvivid >> Backup & Migration >> Choose Migrate the Site By auto migration, then paste the key and click Save.Paste key in source multisite

4. Select the content you want to migrate: Database + Files (WordPress Files), WordPress Files (Exclude Database), Only Database, and Custom Backup. It’s recommended to backup everything if you have no ideas on what you’re excluding.WordPress multisite whole site backup

5. Click Migrate. When the transfer is complete, the following message will be displayed:

Migration success message

When you have completed these steps, please skip to restore a WordPress multisite network.

Method 2: Manual Migration

1. Create a Manual Backup of the source site.

2. Select the Download option from the list of available backups and download the backup to your computer.

Download backups to local computer

3. On the destination website, go to WPvivid >> Backups & Restore. Select the Upload option and upload the backup file(s)

Upload backups on the destination site

4. Once done, you will see the newly transferred file has been automatically added to the list of available backups. If it is not, click the Scan uploaded or received backups button to display the backups in the list.

Now you are ready to restore a WordPress multisite network.

Try the free, full-featured trial for 14 days. Zero-risk.

No credit card needed. Trial starts with the Trial plan with 2 sites.