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Create A Staging Site

WPvivid Staging Pro provides the ability to create a staging copy of your WordPress site easily.

You can customize the content that you want to copy from the live site to the staging site.

Once the staging site is created, you also have the options to update the live site to staging site and push the staging site back to live with one click.

WPvivid Backup Pro Create Staging Tab

How to Create A Staging Site?

To create a staging site, login to your admin dashboard >> click WPvivid Staging in the left side menu >> On the Staging sites tab, click the Create A Staging Site button.

Note: WPvivid Staging will automatically exclude some most-used cache plugins when creating a staging site, but considering that there are hundreds of cache plugins on the market, we would recommend temporarily deactivating cache plugins before creating a staging site to rule out possibilities of unknown failures.

Create Staging Site button

1. Initialize the Staging Site

From this section, you can give a name to the folder where the staging site will be saved under your WordPress installation, which is also the staging site’s name.

Give staging site name

Next, choose a database for the staging site:

  • Share the same database with your live site, which is recommended.
  • Install the staging site to a different database, this requires you to provide additional login credentials for the database: database name, user name. user password, localhost.

Set database for staging site

The information you entered will be reflected immediately on the staging site overview section under the fields.:

  • Database: e.g., wpvivid_db
  • Table Prefix: e.g., wpvividstg
  • Site Directory: e.g., /var/www/html/
  • Staging Site URL: e.g.,
  • Staging Site Admin URL: e.g.,

2. Choose What to Copy to the Staging Site

Next, you can customize the content on the live site that you wish to copy to the staging site:

  • WordPress Core
  • Database
  • Themes and Plugins
  • wp-content/uploads
  • wp-content
  • Additional Files/Folder

Choose what to copy to staging site

3. Create the Staging Site

Once you are done with the content, click the Creating Staging button to start creating the staging site.

Note: Please don not close or refresh the page while the plugin is creating a staging site. This can take some time depending on your connection speed and the size of the copy.

WPvivid Backup Pro creating staging site

Once done, head to Staging Sites tab where all your staging sites are displayed. You can then log in to the staging site’s admin area from login url showing in the list, your login credentials for your staging site’s WordPress dashboard will be the same as your live site’s.

How to Update the Staging Site?

Sometimes when you make changes on the staging site, there can be new data generated on the live site at the same time.

In this case, you may also want to update the new data to the staging site before finally pushing it to the live site.

To do that, go to WPvivid Staging plugin > Staging Sites tab, click the Update the Staging Site button after the site.

Update the staging site

Next, choose what you wish to update from the live site to the staging site.

  • Database + Uploads folder: Quickly update the entire database and the uploads folder of the live site to the staging site.

Choose content update to staging site

  • Custom Content: Choose custom content from the live site to update to the staging site.

Choose custom content update to staging site

Once done, click the Update Now button to start the process.

Updating Staging Site

Note: Please do not close or refresh the page while the plugin is updating the staging. It can take some time depending on your connection speed and the size of the copy.

Once the update is done, you’ll receive a popup message saying ‘Updating the staging site completed successfully’.

Now feel free to develop your site on a staging environment and once the development work is done, you can publish the staging site your live site with one click.