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At WPvivid, we open the door to offer paid review service and many other promotional opportunities to help you reach out thousands of WordPress users per month.

The reviews and articles will be published in our blog to make them more discoverable and bring you constant traffic from search engine.

Traffic Stats

Monthly Organic Traffic: 18,000+

Monthly Page Views: 50,000+

Articles Published: 350+

The stats are growing as our plugin users and domain authority continue to increase. We update the stats every 3 months.

The above stats were updated on 1th June 2021.

Services & Terms

Paid Review

We will write a comprehensive review covering all aspects of your product. The review will be 1500+ words with hands-on screenshots.


Widget Importer & Exporter plugin: The Easiest Way to Import and Export Widgets in WordPress

GraphComment: Make Your Audience Follow The Relevant Discussion with GraphComment Plugin

LiveChat: Add Live Chat Support to A WordPress Site to Build Stronger Customer Relationships

Cost: $ 199/review

How-to Guide(s)

We will pick one or several aspects or workflows of your product to write serial how-to guides, one guide for per aspect or workflow. The guide will be 700-1000 words and keyword-optimized with hands-on screenshots.


Cost:  $149/guide, please contact us with a copy of your product for a quote. Our writer will suggest on how many guides to write depending on the complexity of your product.

List in Collections

We will add your product to our already published roundup article, on the top 3 spots.


Cost: $ 49/spot


  1. We allow 1-2 dofollow links per article to your website or product page.
  2. The article will be published within 2 week after your payment.
  3. The articles will be completely unbiased and fair.
  4. Our writer will take screenshots and images for the articles.
  5. The articles will live on our site forever.
  6. We will need a free copy of your product to conduct a review or guide.


Products & Services We Accept

  1. WordPress plugins
  2. WordPress themes
  3. WordPress support and maintenance services
  4. Any other wordpress-related products or services