The guide will walk you through how to install and activate WPvivid Backup Pro on your WordPress website:

Step 1. Purchasing A Plan

Go to the pricing page, choose your desired plan and click BUY NOW button.

You can switch bewteen lifetime plans and yearly subscriptions by clicking the Lifetime I Subscription button.

WPvivid Pricing

On the cart page that opens, click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Don’t forget to use a coupon code if you have one.

WPvivid Backup Pro checkout

Next, fill in your billing details. An email address is required to receive your license password later.

Enter email address in billing details

Confirm your order then make the payment. Currently only PayPal and Credit Card(Stripe) are supported.

WPvivid Backup Pro Complete Order

Step 2. Download WPvivid Backup Pro Frame

Once the payment is done, on the purchasing result page, click WPVIVID-BACKUP-PRO.ZIP button to download WPvivid Backup Pro frame.

Step 3. Install and Activate WPvivid Backup Pro

Upload and activate WPvivid Backup Pro to your WordPress site like any other WordPress plugins.

Upload and activate WPvivid backup pro

Step 4. Install and Activate Free Version

WPvivid Backup Pro works on top of WPvivid Backup free, you have to install and activate the free version.

Install Activate WPvivid Backup plugin

Step 5. Activate Pro License

Option 1. Email Account + Password

From the WPvivid Backup menu in your WordPress left admin menu, click LicenseThis will open the License tab where you can enter your email account and password to activate your Pro license.

WPvivid License Tab

Enter the following info in the activating page then click the Activate button to connect the plugin to WPvivid Backup Pro server for getting update and support.

  • Email address you’ve entered in the purchasing.
  • Password sent to the email after you compete the purchasing.

Activate WPvivid Backup Pro

In some cases you need to share your WPvivid pro account and password with someone else, for example, a client for him to activate the pro version on his site, but that is something you may not be comfortable with, then you can use a token.

Option 2. Email Account + Token

Here are the steps you can go through to use a token to activate WPVivid Pro license instead of use your password.

1. Go to My Account area on > My Websites > Scroll down to the bottom and click on the ‘Click here to get your tokenbutton to generate your token > Copy the token.

Create a token WPvivid

2. Go to your website > WPvivid > License tab > check the option ‘use token instead of password’ > Enter your email account and paste the token in the password filed.

Use token activate WPvivid pro

3. Click Activate.

That’s it! Now you have successfully installed and activated WPvivid Backup Pro on your website.

Here are the docs to help you quickly get start with the Pro version.

If you get any questions, feel free to submit a ticket or contact us.