General Settings

General settings tab gives you the basic options to customize how the plugin performs depending on your preferences.

There are six different general settings you can configure now:

1. Backup retention

Define the total number of backup copies to be retained on the backup destination.

Choose if you want the plugin to calculate and show the file size before running a backup.

Choose if you want to display the plugin menu in admin navigation menu or top admin bar.

define backup retention

2. Backup folder

Provide the folder name where your backup files will be stored.

Choose if you want to display or hide your domain name in the backup file name.

Name the backup folder

3. Remove out of date backups

Click theĀ RemoveĀ button to delete outdated backups.

Delete outdated backups

4. Email report

To be notified after a backup is processed, enable this option.

You can then choose to be notified by email when a backup is completed or only when the backup fails.

Configure email notification

5. Clean junk files

WPvivid Backup Plugin lets you do some housekeeping after backups and restorations.

Calculate Sizes shows you how much space on your servers the backups are occupying.

Choose the several options available then click the Empty button to free up space by deleting junk files from your server.

Remove junk files

6. Export/Import settings

You can export your settings, saving a local copy to your server which you can easily import if you ever needed to configure WPvivid Backup Plugin on another website.

Export import WPvivid Backup plugin settings

Don’t forget to click Save Changes button in the bottom to make all the changes take effect.

Save changes wpvivid backup plugin