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Backup & Migration: Overview

This is the major tabpage where everything starts. From this area, you can create a manual backup, a staging environment and migrate WordPress site.

This tab page is made up of the sections below:

Step One: I want to

  • Create a general backup and save it in localhost or remote storage.
  • Create a staging or dev environment. The backup will be sent to the staging folder in remote storage.
  • Migrate the WordPress site by sending the backups to either the migration folder in remote storage or to the target site directly.

Step one i want to

Step Two: Customize The Backup 

  • Database + Files (WordPress Files)
  • WordPress Files (Database excluded)
  • Only Database
  • Custom Backup

Step two choose what to back up

Step Three: Comment The Backup(Optional)

Add a comment to the backups. This is optional.

WPvivid backup pro comment the backup

Step Four: Run The Backup

Click on Backup Now button to start backing up.

Additionally, you can mark this backup to only delete it manually.

Step four